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Leyton Family<3 My two Favorit memories with Maria which do Du like best?

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Anxiety Talks
Hilarie/Peyton fangirling
 mooshka posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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mooshka picked Anxiety Talks:
-Hilarie/Peyton-The first time Maria and I actually talked talked we both full on fangirled about Hilarie and Peyton. We started sending each other videos and we started talking about like literally every single role of hers and started sending each other her scenes…like literally it was just hours of us talking about Leyton, Peyton, and Hilarie and it was the BEST. And that is literally the moment we became so close lmfao <33 And then we still randomly do this and I remember when I finally watched Hilarie’s scenes in Castle and I fell in LOVE and Maria got all happy and then she made me icons and it was so perfect and PEYTON/HILARIE BUDDY FOR LIFE <33

-Anxiety Talks-I remember when Maria told me about her anxiety issues and I was like WTF ME TOO and we basically related because we get anxious over the same things and we just got it so now anytime I’m all anxious or nervous about something Maria is my go to because she almost always gets what I’m going through and she knows how to calm me down. Fave.
posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.
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Kirkir picked Anxiety Talks:
Awh guys I didn't know you had anxiety issues :( Feel free to talk to me about them any time!
posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.
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marakii picked Anxiety Talks:
both so much<333, LOVE YOU SIS!!!
but went with this ones because you have really helped me with your words & I hope I have done the same<3
posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.
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xoheartinohioxo picked Anxiety Talks:
I second what Kir said - It's hard to talk about your anxiety sometimes, but I'm always here for you guys ♥
posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.