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Leyton Family<3 {Picks from our oben, nach oben 5 lists ; #1} Atie's #3 opinions: which reminds Du of her the most?

14 fans picked:
Female: Elena Gilbert {the Vampire Diaries}
Actress: Zoey Deutch
RL-relationship: Paul Wesley & Ian Somerhalder
Male: Dean Winchester
Friendship: Harry/Ron/Hermione {Harry Potter}
Actor: James Lafferty
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Ship: Nathan/Haley {One baum Hill}
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 XxXrachellXxX posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Nicolas97 picked Friendship: Harry/Ron/Hermione {Harry Potter}:
I honestly don't know what to choose

Golden Trio / Elena / Zooey
James / Dean / Naley
posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.
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marakii picked Female: Elena Gilbert {the Vampire Diaries}:
Elena ,Naley & Golden Trio the most<33
posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.
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xoheartinohioxo picked Female: Elena Gilbert {the Vampire Diaries}:
All pretty much!
posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.
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WarriorGilbert picked Male: Dean Winchester:
I was torn between Elena & Dean but Elena had a lot of votes and Dean had none so went with Dean!!
posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr.