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Shina_Black posted on Sep 19, 2009 at 10:13AM
I wonder what are your favourite quotes from the show. Couple of my favourites:

HARDISON: Going to plan B.
NATE: Technically that would be plan G.
HARDISON: How many plans do we have? Is there like a plan M?
NATE: Yeah.. Hardison dies on plan M.
ELIOT: I like plan M.

ELIOT: When I knock people out they tend to stay knocked out.

ELIOT: You have an orange, now convince me that I want the orange not the apple. I'm going to take a bite.
PARKER: I put a razor blade in that apple!

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr janetplanet said…
Parker: I bought a plant..
Hardison: Nice,team spirit!
Parker: What does it do?

Parker: I don't like stuff..I like money
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Sunshine47 said…
Parker: I’m so glad I don’t live in the real world.

Hardison: Who feels like playing ‘Where’s Waldo?’
Parker: Oh!
Hardison: I do.
Parker: Yeah.
Hardison: There’s Waldo right there, Waldo Ford. Oh, oh, is that Big Ben and you? Wow, you got twins and triplets everywhere. And lookie there, 11:18AM standing outside Sophie’s apartment looking quite pensive.
Parker: Awww he’s rehearsing what he’s gonna say. I’ve seen him do that.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr janetplanet said…
Eliot: Thats twenty pounds of crazy in a five pound bag
Vor mehr als einem Jahr bdrobinson said…
Does anyone know the quote about how Nate took a bunch of thieves and broke them. I think that Hardison said it but they all have a part in the quote. If anyone knows I will really be grateful, please and thank you.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr joe-kerr said…
Eliot (to Hardison in Pilot episode): You're exactly the reason I work alone.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr vornax said…
Nathan : Did you just kill a guy with an appetizer?
Eliot : I dunno. Maybe...

Eliot : Hardison, how am I supposed to get out of the FBI offices with a box full of surveillance tapes, huh?
Alec : Punch somebody!
Eliot : Oh, I'm gonna punch somebody.

Eliot : Nobody throws Hardison off a roof... except maybe me... no.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheFanSiteJob said…
My favorite exchange between guest stars:

“Wow, you are super old. Thank you for the history lesson. Maybe later you can tell us about that one time you punched Hitler in the face….” — Chaos
“I own two canes: One, with a Taser capable of delivering 10,000 volts; the other extends a 6-inch stiletto blade.” — Archie
“Which one is, is this one?” — Chaos, referring tot he cane Archie had pressed against his neck
“Well, I don’t seem to remember; I am super old.” — Archie
Vor mehr als einem Jahr AngelaR said…
Hardison: "Have you ever been to Kiev? The cakemaker of Kiev could whoop all our asses! This is the BUTCHER"

Vor mehr als einem Jahr anderflins said…
Elliot - Damn it hardison

Nate well first we need figure out what we're looking for and who's got it then we have to steal it and get of the plane without anyone noticing and we have to do that be for the plane lands in five and a half hours

Sophie so pause business

passenger exuce me exuce me i was hoping I could get a ginger ale

Paker yeah ill get to you in one minute

Passenger hmm it's just that i have a nervous stomach so if you wouldn't mind

Paker there's a system

Passenger Im not feeling very well

Paker ok gives her if your gonna hurl use this paper bag turns to next passenger hi there sorry some passengers can be so rude
Vor mehr als einem Jahr damnithardison said…
bad guy to elliot: you dont have a gun Elliot: thats what makes it fair
Vor mehr als einem Jahr crazyhat09 said…
When Elliot's like "I'm going to go wander the halls, in the dark. And sharpen this knife." and then Hardisons like "Ookay"