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posted by ninjagogrizzlam
As Liam and Nelson felt the snow on their uncovered hands, the wind howled in the chilling breeze.
Nelson rubbed his eyes and viewed the craggy mountains in his sight. He gazed at the dark blue sky, while Liam peered at a marching army in the distance. “This is the Never Realm?” Nelson whispered.
Liam was so focused on staring at the approaching ice warriors that he couldn’t respond. With every step they took, his arms felt Mehr numb and the Mehr he wondered why he even dared to enter such a place. When the warriors got closer, their leader stopped them. His blue eyes gave the shivery kid...
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posted by ninjagogrizzlam
Nelson was so stunned he couldn’t speak.
“Um… Nelson? Are Du okay?” Liam asked. He fidgeted with his fingers and looked at the spot where the portal to the Never Realm once was. When he realised that Antonia was out of sight, he was so surprised that he jumped. “Wait, where’s Antonia?” Liam gasped. “Antonia? Can Du hear me? I’m sorry if my stuff about the Never Realm was boring for you! If Du come back, I will offer Du all my ninja chips!” he shouted so loudly that nearby birds flew away. “Antonia!”
Every time Liam shouted the name ‘Antonia’, Nelson tried to swallow...
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THIS MADE MY LIFE. Garmadon just laughs XD
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posted by BubblesAndAce
Cole X Reader

Requested Von : link

Keys used:
(Your Name)
(hair color)

Risk Taker

"(Your Name), hold up!!!" Cole yelled.
The (hair color) haired girl just ran faster toward the big bridge. She was very excited that Cole had agreed. No one else on the bounty seemed to want to go bungee jumping with her except for her best friend.

"You hurry up, slow poke!" (Your Name) yelled, picking up her pace.
Cole hurried after her as she dashed onto a bridge.

(Your Name) set down a very heavy-looking bag beside her. She opened it up and dug through it, finally pulling out two thick green...
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