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shadow-like nightmare POV.
As i was defeated that night, and i planned a revenge to that foolish Guardian, he defeated me, and left me, in shame, since that night i gathered as many as allies in the neighbourhood and made and army of nightmares, as the moon rises, and the sun sets, my allies began to attack the house, and goes to the bedroom, we hid ourselves and prepare to attack the guardian and ( Du know, i dont actually know what nightmares do to the children they capture , so lets just say) do the nightmare......thing to the children.

Jay plush POV.
i waited and waited for the nightmares...
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Misako's POV
i walked to lloyd's room and knocked "come in!" i walked into lloyd's messy pale green room and sat down on the bett Weiter to him. "hi mommy" he smiled, he was in a adult body but was a child at heart, "honey.....i need to tell Du something" i looked down shamefully because what i was about to tell him could easily break him, "son, Du have a..." i just couldnt tell him! "a what? a brain tumor?! a monkey ?! a giant box of caNdy?!" he jumped up from his bett sheets exidedly i shook my head glumly "you....have a.....sister" i looked up at his shocked face...
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Okay, so this is something I see a lot on fanfiction sites. I've always wanted to do one for myself, just to see if it works out.

So, Du request a character (and a plot, if wanted) and I write a reader-insert one shot about him/her!
(A reader insert is a story where the reader gets to be a part of the action. ie, instead of putting an actual name oder eye and hair color, the Autor would write [name], [hair color], oder [eye color]. Lie this: [Name]'s beautiful [favorite color] outfit went well with her [hair color] hair.)

So, I wanted to do this for Ninjago! Just Kommentar what character, theme, plot, setting. Really, all Du have to put is a character, but just put the other stuff if Du want.
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I opened my heavy eyes slowly. I looked up and saw the worried faces of my friends. They were smiling.
“Wh-what happened?” I asked, extremely confused.
“Dojo-Snakes. You- well Du kinda fell off the baum fortress and then it fell on you…” Cole kinda hesitated on the last part.
“…Wh-How did I survive?” The ninja glanced nervously at each other.
“Er, well, Du kinda, well, didn’t…”
“Urm… That makes NO SENSE AT ALL!”
“Well, we found some healing elixir…”
“You are hiding something.”
“Gaah!” eichelhäher, jay sounded surprised, and scared at my words.
“Well, out with...
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Never reeally wrote one of these before.... XD Hope Du enjoy! :3

Du had looked up from the book Du were Lesen on the coach. (If not comic XD) To see A red faced Kai.
Du tilted your head. "What's the matter Kai?" Du asked. "Training gone bad again?" A small giggle escaped your lips but Kai.... he was not amused. Not one bit. He just glared at you. One serious face. Hes brown orbs stayed connected with Du (e/c) ones.
"Okay,okay. What up? Du seem upset....." Du finally sagte sighing.
"Upset? Upset?" his voice was getting higher....
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