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kyoya tategami
 kyoya tategami
kyoya tategami
Kyoya Tategami layed down on his crates in his warehouse and sipped on his soda laughing at benkei and the other members of the face hunters.He couldnt help but laugh. When an angry girl came through the door."Kyoya Tategami!!!!" she yelled and the looks of it she wasnt happy. Kyoya got up from the crates and smirked while walking to her.He sighed and took out his leone.He put it on his launcher and smirked evilshly."Is this what Du want?" he asked. she chuckled and took out her bey and laucher and sagte yes.they both were fighting against each other as their beys spinned and after a while...
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Rima: there is kyoya Küssen a girl
Nagi : I do not care let us have fun
Yaya : ya
Amu:let us play volley ball
Everyone ya
Rima let us play in the water
Everyone ya
Amu:let us eat ice cream
Everyone ok
Nagi :let us sit down
Nagi: I need your Apennine
Amu: about
Nagi wich boy is better for me to datum
Yaya: did they ask you
Nagi no but I will ask them
Rima ok
Amu how about ryuga his hot
Nagi he is hot but he is kind tuff
Yaya : how about masmunea
Nagi he is nice but Du seem to like him
Rima:how about tsubasa
Nagi: Du like him Du think I don not know
After a long time of how about
Rima :we told...
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 Celia Hanajima
Celia Hanajima
Celia's P.O.V

"dad, Do I really need to come?" I asked
Of course! All your Friends are going to be there!" my dad says
"But, I wanted to stay in America for the summer!'
"Well too bad" he says
Im Celia Hanajima! Part American, Part Japanese.
My dad's making me go to Beyblade summer camp.
"alright dear, were here!" I cam out of the car and got my stuff.
"seeya dad" I KISS him goodbye and he drives off.
"wow...this place is soo cool"
Then I saw Masamune, Zeo and Toby.
"Hey guys! They turn and I wave.
"Cece!" Zeo shouts and I hug all 3 of them
"Im so glad Du made it!" Masamune shouts
"Hey Celia! Du made...
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posted by AlmostInsane
I tried to stay as close to the story line as possible, but Kyoya is a bit OOC at times. >.<
I apologize for all my grammar mistakes ;A;
It was originally written in 3rd person, so when I went through and used Find/Replace in word, it screwed up...
You walking along the side of the road, glancing at all the busy people around.
"Someone! Please, help me!" Du heard a cry in the distance. Having nothing better to do, Du slowly made your way towards it. As Du arrived, Du spotted a young boy, struggling against some of your old acquantinces, the face hunters.
Glaring, Du calmly strode...
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Kyoya sighed as he started to head home...Who could blame him? Their adventure was not of the best..Defeating the god of destruction was not a simple thing to it wasn't Kyoya's..He would stay Home and train but the world was in danger..As much as he hated to admit it..he had no choice but to fight..Then again,doesn't Kyoya Liebe to fight?Especially with one of his rivals Gingka,the other being Ryuga,who's sister joined them soon after..What was her name again? oh Ryah..
''Ryah''he thought,Why does he even remember her name?It's not like he cared for others and hell that's Ryuga's sister...
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posted by SabrinaXKyoya
 Kyoya hurt
Kyoya hurt
lets see what happens to Kyoya! XD

i woke up to feel a throbbing on the side of my head. those creeps must have hit me on the side of my head. now i have a major headache and those people caused it. i cant believe i let my guard down. i tried to Bewegen only to find that my feet were tied to a pole and my hands were tied above my head to the pole. i struggled against the rope only to find that it grew tighter the Mehr i moved. growling in frustration i thrashed around until the rope practically...
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