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posted by kylewildman
Getting Tri (-----) as your starter!

Two Glitches To Test!

Before I leave Sinnoh, I wanted to try a last-minute effort to find Glitchemon. So, stating a new game ( I didn't save, so I didn't lose anything), I started over again!
The two glitches I was testing was the PKMN R/S, ?? Glitch, enter a wild Pokemon battle and have none with you. The other one also is a R/S Glitch,in R/S, use the WTW (For those who forgot oder don't know what it is, it is the Walk Through Walls) and pass through the rival's house, and skipped getting my starter!
Things weren't normal, Rival is supposed to follow you...
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posted by kylewildman
Yes, it's back. This edition of Glitch Busters will explain a revisited glitch, some Pokemon Mysteries, and some other stuff. So lets take off on our Weiter Glitch tour!

Glitch Revisited-Pokemon smaragd Pomeg Berry Glitch

Here we go again

On the Zurück edition of Glitch Busters, I had a glitch that was supposed to get a Pokemon 60000-some HP. I sagte that this was plausible, but I have retested it, and got some surprising results.

My test, Part 1: Ok, I caught a wild Mightyena, it had 1 HP. I gave it a Potion to give it 20 HP. So, I went into some battles with Mighyena (Called Glitcher) and got...
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posted by kylewildman
Not much new stuff on Glitch City considering I accidentally deleted the WTW trick. But, there is some new things in this edition on other glitches!

New Stuff On Tri And Egg


Remember Tri, the three bar glitch of Generation 4? I have learned that it is a normal type,it is the ????? PKMN, and it's real name is -----, it can't be attacked, and never battles, because it leaves after Du try to attack it.

Egg and Bad Egg

I have learned that Egg and Bad Egg's only attack is Splash, kinda like a Magikarp. Only Egg makes a noise when it dissapears.

Round 1-Vs. Egg!

I figured the best way to learn about...
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posted by kylewildman
UPDATES:The Sinnoh Glitch Busting Team has been greatly changed! I got the Walk Through Walls cheat back! Also, thanks to heavy work Von the Glitch Executives, some new Glitch Myths have been answered, and of course, Mehr Glitch City!!!

The New Sinnoh Glitch Busting Team: Blastoise, Psy (Mewtwo), Nighterror (Gastly), Leafi (Venusaur), Mew, and Flame (Charizard)

Kanto,Johto, Hoenn, and the Mystery Zone AR REQUIRED

The first Glitch Myth is that it is possible to reach Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn in D/P/P.
The Test: So, using the WTW, I started off in Snowpoint City. Soon, I found myself in familiar territory,...
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posted by kylewildman
No glitches in this one.

The Making Of Glitch Busters

In 2009, I started looking through TRsRockin, and started learning about MissingNo. This place had lots of stuff on Generation 1 & 2 Glitches, but not much on R/S/E and D/P/P, the only two I have tried. So, wondering what strange Glitchemon lurk in Hoenn and Sinnoh, I looked on Glitch City Labs, but never found lots there.

TrsRockin had inspired me to look for glitches, so, I decided to try my luck, but without the knowledge of these mysterious creatures, I didn't find anything. But after the PKMN smaragd Glitch, I decided to try a glitch...
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posted by kylewildman
In the first Glitch Busters, in the future projects section, there was one called Invisible Shiny vs. Ditto. I have the results of this test!

1-Finding Ditto

Before I could try this, I needed a Ditto. So, using the WPM, I caught a Ditto, which I named "Evil Ditto" because that is what MissingNo is sometimes called.

2-Finding Invisible Shiny

Armed with Evil Ditto, I used the Invisible Shiny trick and found Egg. Then found Invisible Shiny 31 Minuten later.

Vs. Invisible Shiny!

Evil Ditto's Transform did not work, same thing happened as usual.
Result: Busted

Ditto vs Egg

Still having no confirmed glitches...
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posted by kylewildman
Yes, I do have some Mehr Glitch City stuff, but I have some other things first!

Easy Battle Frontier! AR Required

The Battle Frontier is a hard thing to finish, winning a series of battles to fight a harder trainer. Well, there is an easy way to win there. Here's how:

Make sure Du have the 1-hit kills and restore HP cheats on. Choose any Battle area, do the challenge the normal way, but when Du attack, activate the 1-hit kills trick. When attacked use the restore HP trick to give your Pokemon 999 HP.

Glitch Remnants

The newest feature in Glitch Busters are Glitch Remnants. Each edition will feature...
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posted by kylewildman
It was considered to be the Home of MissingNo and 'M!
It was accessed Von saving inside the Safari Zone!
It was the only place to walk on water!
What am I talking about? Glitch City! It returns in Pokemon Platinum!

Into The Twilight Zone!

Before we start on Sinnoh's Glitch City, lets talk about the Mystery Zone.

Pure darkness! AR Required!

This trick can be done almost anywhere, just use the WTW (Walk Through Walls) trick. After doing this, your name might change to loser. I mean it, it happened to me! Don't ask me how this happened, maybe it's like the Old Man trick. This is the ONLY way to access...
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posted by kylewildman
We are back! The Glitch Executives have a fresh new batch of stuff on ???BADEGG???.

A New Glitch!

Scrambled Eggs!

If Du read my Pokemon smaragd report, Du know I like to find new glitches. Well, I have found a new one! While playing around while using the WPM code, I put in #494-Lv 100, found our friend Tri stuck in the oben, nach oben of the screen (Poor Tri), but the Weiter time I found Egg. Just like that, no glitchy symbols, no ?'s oder anything, just Egg.

I Want More!

Test 1: Egg's type) My Mewtwo's (Named Psy, caught at Lv 100 using WPM) Aura Sphere was Super-Effective, meaning it was a Normal, Rock, Steel,...
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posted by kylewildman
"Does MissingNo exist" has now fully become Glitch Busters, the same team are used in the tests, everything is the same, except there is a lot Mehr stuff, and Mehr data!

Sinnoh Glitch Busting Team: MissingNo(Empoleon)-Salamence-Victreebel-Pikachu-Nidoking-Beautifly-And hoping to add a real MissingNo soon!

Hoenn Glitch Busting Team: Sceptile-Beautifly-Regirock-Regice-Registeel-Marill

In this edition:
After looking through and Glitch City Laboratories, I have found some new things in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Now that I have an Action Replay (Some AR strangeness in this edition),...
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posted by kylewildman
Does MissingNo exist anymore? Did it fade away into Pokemon history? If it does, where is it? The truth is out there, we just have to find it!
And what about the "Glitch Kids"?

Trial 1-Pokemon Platinum 3 Bar Tag Battle Glitch

Lets do this

After seeing numerous things about a Tag Battle glitch, I decided to try this. Du may have seen this one before, enter a Tag Battle with two Pokemon, one of them has to have 0 HP. When the player enters the battle, they will send out the first Pokemon, the other will be three white bars, and it will sparkle as if it is shiny.

My test: Armed with Empoleon (I named...
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