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- Kyle´s house number is 1002.

- His e-mail adress is

- He could make Cuba free.

- He had his first KISS with Bebe in a truth-or-dare game.

- His mom is from New Jersey and it´s one of the reasons why Cartman bullies him.

- He is a Fan of Family Guy.

-He can hit very hard, as Cartman had to find out.

- He wanted to burn the school down after the girls voted him the ugliest boy of the class.

- He killed Kenny.

- Kyle´s face looks like his father´s face, though his nose is like his mom´s nose.

- Cartman bullies Kyle because: he is a Jew, a Ginger and from Jersey. And his family has quite much money.

- He looked after Kenny before he had to die another time.

- Kyle can sing and play the guitar.

- He had a problem with his sense of rhythm.

- His character changed during the show.
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The rest of the school Tag was normal, at least for South Park standards. My hand was hurting Von the middle of the days from taking so many notes about the Kardashian family. Abraham knows why I even bother to do something so trivial. I already knew all of this crap from girls gossiping in the hallways.

One thing that happened that Tag that was really interesting. In the middle of class, there was a crumples sheet of paper on the corner of my desk. I assumed it was a note from Kyle, but boy was I wrong. I opened it.

Dear Kylie,
I see Du having eye sex with Kyle. that piece of jewish white chocolate...
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From Conjoined Fetus Lady.
South Park
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When I saw Du in the store,
I did not know I´ll be more
than a fangirl.

Du helped me, Du made me cry,
Du made me ask myself "Why
are Du not real?
Why can´t your wounds heal?"
You´re like me, that´s what I feel,
and their hearts are just of steel.

Now I Liebe every single curl
of your hair,
for Du I care;
and I have fear
´cause you´re not here!

All this excitement, it´s called "love",
though I can only Liebe Du that way,
I wish Du Masel Tov
and a happy birthday!
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This is sad :( but also kind of cute how they hug. From the episode Kenny Dies.
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