Kowalski Cemistry and Liebe ("Rhythm of Love" parody)

mostar1219 posted on Sep 18, 2011 at 01:49AM
V1.When in my thoughts all around,
he gets me to calm down
and says "Please quit fooling around".
I told him "I love your science work here, your touch, your voice in my ear,
let's watch the town from above,
with so much chemistry and love."
Chorus. We may only have this night,
but till the crack of dawn you're mine, completely mine,
hear the music that's low
and we get Chemistry and love.
V2.My heart is a rapid drum
and also it's vocal cords strum,
it's beautiful song will be sung.
He's got eyes like a crystal blue sea,
they roll back when he smiles at me
and rises up real high
the moment our "lips" collide.
Bridge. When the sun gets low,
we can groove in slow motion
and all our fears will subside
while our happiness just glides.
V3. And once the day is done,
we'll still be humming along
and I still keep you in my mind
and keep the day so fine.
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