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level 69 oder higher


If you'd like to have any shot at winning this battle, make sure Du have
every magic enhancing ability equipped, such as all your MP Rages and MP
Haste. Sekunde Chance is also mandatory. Ars Arcanum is also nice to have.
Also, be sure to have Aero and Cure mapped to quick spell buttons. The third
won't matter since Du won't need it.


In your items slot, carry nothing but elixirs oder megalixirs, whichever Du

PHASE I- Lifebars 1+2

Sephiroth has 6 life bars. 5 normal ones, and one "invisible" one that Du
must get rid of before his damage meter starts...
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Vincent Valentine
Vincent can be found at the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim. In one of rooms of the mansion is a locked safe. To crack the safe, enter the following combination:

Right to 36
Left to 10
Right to 59
Right to 97

The safe, sicher will open and you'll encounter the miniboss Lost Number. Kill this monster and retrieve the items in the safe. Enter the basement and proceed to the locked coffin room. Inside will be Vincent Valentine. Speak to him and leave, and Vincent will Mitmachen your party shortly afterward.

Yuffie Kisaragi
This character can be found in a number of forests, most notably the one east...
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1. Salt and ice cream taste good

2. Cards=deadly weapons.

3. Ice cubes attack Du Von "rolling" over.

4. Kingdom Hearts has 13 letters in in the title.

5. Throwing a water bottle in the air will cure Du of any injuries.

6. Heartless have no heart

7. Axel wants Du to memorize everything

8. If Du make thunder underwater Du wont get electrocuted

9. If Du make feuer underwater it wont go out.

10. Du can wear a blindfold and survive jumping off a building.

11. Phil can't count

12. There's a world that "never was" and a world that is at its "end".

13. Jack Skellington loves Weihnachten instead of Halloween.

14. It is possible to glide UP hill

15. I know now... without a doubt... that Kingdom Hearts... is LIGHT!
Sora: I've been having these weird thoughts lately... like is any of this for real oder not?

Sora: Kairi! Remember what Du sagte before? I'm always with Du too. I'll come back to you... I promise!
Kairi: I know Du will!

Sora: Gimme a break, Kairi.
Kairi: Sora, Du lazy bum. I knew I'd find Du snoozing down here.
Sora: No, no, this big black dream swallowed me up! I couldn't breathe, I couldn't - ow!
Kairi: Have Du been dreaming again?
Sora: It wasn't a dream. oder was it? I don't know.
Kairi: Yeah, sure.
Sora: So Kairi, what was it like in your hometown, like where Du grew up?
Kairi: I told...
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 fanmade case
fanmade case

The three armored characters that are shown in the “Sunset Horizons/The Gathering” and “Birth Von Sleep” secret trailers ARE NOT Sora, Riku, and Kairi. Similarly, the bald man is not Ansem/Xehanort oder his Nobody/Heartless.
The names of the armoured characters are: Ven, the Roxas-like character who is frozen; Aqua, the knight with blue hair; and Terra, the largest of the knights and the one who’s face is revealed at the very end.
The Enigmatic Solider is, in fact, Terra, and is hinted to have some connection with Xehanort, though what that connection is, is current unknown....
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Reno's last name is Sinclair.

Reno has identical scars on each cheek.

Sephiroths biological parents were lucrecia and professor hojo

the name of sephiroths sword is the masamune

Red XIII is actually Mehr orange

wolke actually didn't make it to Soldier 1st Class. Zack did.

Rude is named rude because he acts rude. He consistantly refuses to speak, and in most cultures this lack of conversational habit is considered rude. Hence his name.

Rufus is named rufus because his hair is red. Rufus is derived from the word for "red" in latin.

JENOVA is named JENOVA because it is a deliberate misspelling of the word Yehovah, which derives from Yahew (or YHWH). Yahew is hebrew for "God," in the Old Testament of the Bible.
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