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posted by BrucasLove101
 The Hanging baum
The Hanging Tree
Okay so here is my Gale rant :).

Gale was there for Katniss from the beginning. She sagte it herself. Gale helped her through in ways that noone else ever could have. They slowly but surely grew closer and closer. A connection sparked between them and it would never leave because it can't leave. Gale and Katniss helped each other through the most difficult times in their lives and they kept each other alive. When Katniss was leaving for the Games he is the one who made her believe that she could really win it. He is also the one that kept Prim and her mother alive while she was in the arena....
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posted by ARadomperson
Title: Du belong with me
Summary: A parody of ‘You Belong with me’ Von Taylor Swift.
Pairings: Kale and Peetatniss
Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters, the Hunger Games, nor the song. Only the parody.
Warnings: Fluff, maybe some humor.
Gale’s P.O.V
I sighed as I knocked on the door of Katniss. I moved back to district twelve, and today I’m visiting hers and Peeta’s house. It still hurts to know that she doesn’t Liebe me and loves Peeta instead. Katniss opened the door.
“Hi Gale!” She said, smiling brightly. I smiled back, before opening my arms. She leaped into them so eagerly,...
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