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anyone know where I can get the 2011 Kat Von D Calendar, amazonas, amazon says not available yet? And also I would like to know if anyone knows how to get a signed photograph from Kat Von D for my father.

My father is incarcerated and has been most of his life, he is facing a fatal illness and may be gone soon. He has always been there for me although not physically, mentally and emotionally which to me has been Mehr important. He would give his life for the Weiter man without question. He has been a blessing to me and anyone he comes in contact with. He is currently a preacher in the prisons church, constantly applying his time to help others. He is in Liebe with Kat Von D, his tiny cell is filled her pics. He has everything Kat Von D and has told me many times, his dream before he leaves is just to recieve something signed Von Kat Von D. I know he would go in peace if i could figure out how to get something signed and sent to him. any ideas??
 luckyrog posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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