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K-On! is a Zeigen that may lack a real plot, but the Zeigen is saved Von its' cuteness which is brought to us Von the main characters. This Liste ranks the 5 members of anime's best band. I hope Du enjoy the list.

5. Ritsu

Ritsu is the leader of the band, but she appeals to me the least out of the band members. She's not as nice and charming as the other band members. She can be hard to stand when she gives Mio a hard time, but other than that she's a okay character. She's a tolerable character when she's not being disrespectful.

4. Yui

Yui is the closest thing the Zeigen has to a protagonist. She's...
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So I've been making K-ON albums just for fun and was wondering what Du all think:

Album cover is the image on the side

Song list:
1.Brush and Ballpoint Pen
2. Cagayake Girls!
3.Go Go Maniac!!!
4.Don't say ”lazy”
5.Light and Fluffy Time Yui
6.My Liebe is A Stapler Mio
7. No Goodbye!
8.No Thank You!
9.Utauyo Miracle
10.U & I
11.Pure Pure Heart
12.桜が丘女子高等学校校歌 [Rock Ver.]

If anyone is interested to see Mehr please Kommentar below and if Du would like to download these songs as an album....please teach me how to Upload it and I would gladly let you!
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