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"I don't know Usher,I just want a girl that won't break my ear drum when she sees me."

Justin Bieber was kind of tired of his "OMGJ(Oh My Gosh Justin) FANS.Justin was really looking for someone to spend time with that wasn't overly obsessed with him.But unfortunately a lot of those girls didn't exist in the line outside this stadium.

There was about 150 girls outside ready to buy tickets for Justin's "Bieber's World" tour.Austin,Texas was Justin's first stop and he really excited about tonight but yet, he was lonely.

Valentine's Tag was coming up and Justin was still single.Don't get me wrong,Justin loved every single one of his Fans but yet he wanted a girl who would go on the road with him and just genially care for him.

"Ok.Ok.I see your point Justin.I'll go find Du a girl right now.There was to be one girl that genially loves Du man."

"Ha.All rite.Thank you.I would go in some disguise though bro."

"Don't worry little man,I got this for soe."

So Usher took off in his disguise of a MTV host. Wearing a white hoodie ,glasses,a NYC cap,and dark denim jeans.Usher did look some what like himself but not exactly,more modern.Modern enough for people not to be suspicious.

Usher had his fake MTV microphone and stepped out into the crowd of overly anxious girls.As he looked into every girls eyes he could see the total obsession in their eyes and knew automatically that wasn't the "right" girl for Justin.

"This is way harder than I intended it to be."
Usher thought to himself.
Usher was so desperate that he actually started asking the girls if they were obsessed with Justin.Every answer was yes.Some even looked stalker-ish about Justin.Some girls had this crazy look in their eye,as if they were to kill for Justin.That kind of started to scare Usher.

Usher had ten Minuten before the doors opened up and the girls would scramble in for tickets.The time was ticking and he still no girl for Justin.

Usher was about to completely give up when he heard a woman's voice.

"No mom I am excited.I just hate being those overly obsessed Fans that would probably make Justin Bieber pass out with all thier screaming."
The light bulb in Usher's head binged louder than anything had before.He had found the girl.The "right" girl for Justin.
Usher hadn't seen the girl yet so as turned around slowly he mumbled to himself,"Please don't be ugly.Please don't be under thirteen.Please don't be super tall."
the last one was going a little too far,but as he turned around,his prayers were answered.There stood what looked like a fourteen-year-old girl with beautiful light green eyes who had a stunning white smile and beautiful brown shoulder-length curls.Her voice has sweet but strong.A very "look at me" attitude;but not stuck up at all.She was perfect.

Usher approached the girl quickly.Took a deep breath and spoke without sounding too pushy.
"Hello there Miss.Whats your name?"
Usher voice echoed through the outside speakers.
The girl didn't seem shy but still a little nervous.
"Perfect."Usher thought.
"Umm..my name is Angel."
Angel's voice echoed too.It got quiet was the crowd of girls started to get jealous of Angel.
"Well Angel – Jäger der Finsternis I have one Frage for you.Now I know Du probably Liebe Justin but are Du obsessed with him?"
Usher spoke really slow and hopeful.
Then Angel – Jäger der Finsternis stated her greatest statement.
"I do Liebe Justin a whole lot but no,I'm not an "OMGJ fan."
As all the girls just giggled and shook their heads while Usher whispered to Angel's mom.Angel's mom eyes widened with excitement and she squeezed her daughters hand.Usher had explained what was going on but he told her that she couldn't tell her daughter a word about what was about to happen.
Usher lead confused Angel – Jäger der Finsternis and her overly excited mother out of the line and into the stadium.Every one could hear the mumbles of all the other jealous girls still in the line.
Angel's nerves shot through her.Considering how Justin should have been here already and how she read the backstage sign as she walked.She was just as excited as her mom.She knew right thin and there that she was meeting Justin Bieber sometime tonight.
Usher stopped in front of the dressing room door and told the girls to wait there.He went inside and took off his disguise.
"Justin I have your girl."Usher whispered so that the girls wouldn't hear.
"Oh my gosh.Seriously?Oh my.....thanks man.I owe Du so badly."Justin's voice was full of anxiousness but kind of nervousness.But it was cute how he checked himself twice in the mirror to make sure he looked good for his blind date.But he always looked beautiful to Angel.Angel genially did Liebe Justin.She felt like she wasn't alone at all when she would listen to Justin's music.Considering how Angel's dad hadn't always been around when Angel – Jäger der Finsternis was younger either.So her Favorit Justin Bieber songs were Liebe Me and Where Are Du Now.She loved Justin's perfect Liebe songs could fit whatever mood she was in.But she wasn't totally OMG for him either.

Usher opened the door for the ladies as Justin hide behind Usher.But Angel – Jäger der Finsternis met Justin's gorgeous brown eyes and her herz melted.So did Justin's.He immediately come out of hiding,still holding Angel's glance.Justin met Angels' hand and kissed gently.
"Hello....Umm I think it's Angel – Jäger der Finsternis right?"
"Uhh,yeah.My name is Angel.Hi Justin!"
The fact that she didn't scream at the sight of him made him feel warm inside.
Angel's hand was like a prized possession to her now.She couldn't help but to stare at Justin.When he would smile at her oder just smile in general,her mind would imagine Justin right there in front of her;and now that Fantasy was a reality for her.Justin Bieber,her true Liebe was standing right there in front of her.How could she not be completely melted Von the sight of him?How could anybody?

Angel – Jäger der Finsternis had taken Justin's breath away at that moment.The moment when her Usher had taken a walk with Angel's mother,quite a coincidence that Angel's mom had been a huge Usher fan.But that moment when they were alone.When they started having deep conversations about life and Justin's music.Justin was completely blown away Von the beautiful lady in front of him.
"How could anybody compare to her?"He thought to himself over and over again as she spoke about her childhood and her dad.Justin had easily opened up to Angel.Something that he wasn't likely to do with anyone else.But Justin couldn't help it.He was so comfortable with Angel.

Angel – Jäger der Finsternis felt the completely same way.Justin was the guy of her dreams.The whole time she was talking to him,she didn't see him as the celebrity Justin Beiber;Angel saw Justin as just Justin,the one guy she loved and totally understood her.

Justin ended up not performing that night.He ended up taking Angel – Jäger der Finsternis on their official first datum instead.The datum was the two of them buying a whole bunch of Angel's and Justin's Favorit foods and heading back to the stadium where Justin performed just for Angel.

When Valentine's Tag came around,Angel received the biggest and most beautiful Rosen she had ever seen from Justin of course and they had another original love-full datum together.

Justin Drew Beiber made Angel – Jäger der Finsternis Marie Gonzalez "One less lonely girl" that night.

At the end of every note Justin Writes to Angel,he signs
"Thx for not being that OMGJ Fan.Xoxoxo!
-Yours Truly,Justin♥"
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