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I was on YouTube website and typed in the words, "Worthy is The Lamb" and Jotta A.' image came on my screen. I was taken aback because he looks like my son, Prince Martin Luther Wilson (27 now), that I gave up for adoption because of circumstances out of my control (who I have been searching for since 2003 without success). I clicked on Jotta' video and WOW! I was captivated Von his passion for Singen praises to God the Father with each word that proceeded out of his mouth. I was in tears before he was half way finished.My heart/spirit soared beyond words. It was unequivocally the best performance I had/have seen in the Musik industry...ever. This child of God won over my herz because I felt/feel closer, intimately/spiritually, to God, my Creator... Thank You, Father God for blessing me Von seeing/hearing Jotta A. HALLELUJAH!