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In this Du will see how they both match up.Just read with an opened heart.
Macy and Nick used to be friends, but now are dating , but in secert. This causes problems with Macy because she wants to tell Stella. I think Nick shouldn't worry about other people knowing because if they really Liebe each other they wouldn't care if people knew. Thier Friends would understand and would be happy for them. The new episode tells a lot. I believe that Nick and Macy are going to be fine.
Stella and Joe on the other hand are confusing. Joe doesnt want Stella to date, Stella doesn't like it that Vanessa...
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Yeah, yeah-ah-ah, oh, oh
Yeah, yeah-ah-ah oh, oh

Try to fall asleep tonight
I lay awake and dream of a life
Where we thought we could make it
We wasted all our time

And I wouldn't change a single thing
I know

We get closer and closer again
But we're falling apart
I'm losing, you're losing a friend
It's always over before we start

Your eyes keep our love
And I wish that it could be the way that it was
But, it's over, there's no one to blame
It’ll never be the same

Two wrongs don't make it right
Two hearts are on the line
Maybe we could have made it and waited, done this right
In the end, I'm a friend, but that's...
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There's a storm coming off
And I gotta prepare myself
'Cause this feeling’s getting stronger everyday
Something's creeping inside
Everything is about to change
Gotta face the fact that I can't walk away

This is critical, I am feeling helpless
So hysterical, this can't be healthy
I can't eat oder sleep when you're not with me
Baby, you're the air I breathe
This is critical, yeah
So stuck on you

Used to have everything figured out
But it's different now
When Du came, Du saw
You conquered my heart
It's your laugh and your smile
Wanna stay for a little while
I don't wanna go
I just want Du in my arms

This is critical,...
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(Oh-whoa… oh-whoa)
It was a beautiful day
I threw my worries away
A nothing new, just the same old same
So I’m a start a new page
I turn the radio on
And it's my Favorit song
It's so good to sing along
It feels so right, this can't be wrong

I just want a good time, oh-whoa
I don't wanna fuss and fight, no
Life's too short to waste time, oh no
Every little thing's gonna be alright

'Cause we're chillin' in the summertime
Not a wolke in the sky
Everybody’s feeling fine
And everything will be alright
'Cause we're soaking up the sweet sunshine
Not a worry on my mind
Everybody's feeling fine
And everything will...
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I never thought I would, I did it
Never thought I could get it like that, get it like this
Get it like everybody knows
That we got something real, shawty

I know what I feel
I shout it like that, I shout it like this
Listen up, everybody knows but you
So here it goes

'Cause I never really noticed, it took a while for me to see
Playing back the moments, now I'm starting to believe
That Du could be at the Zeigen and know every word
But it's Du who makes me sing
I may not know where we are, but I know who I am
Baby, I'm your biggest fan, oh

Listen, every time Du smile for me
Takes me a while to bring myself...
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