Jennifer "JJ" Jareau So, we're FINALLY gonna get some back-story on this gal..

Blairsey posted on Dec 08, 2009 at 09:52PM
Yay JJ! :D Anyone have any speculation as to what her past might've been like? I wonder which episode it is going to be on!

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Kelsje said…
I have no idea what her past is like. We never heard anything about her past so far. And the only thing that got a bit close to her past was the episode "North Mammon" in season 2. But I can't wait for JJ to have a bit of a storyline herself. And not one about Hotch or Reid. So far JJ has been the only one without a centric episode, so it has to be good!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Blairsey said…
I know! How frustrating, right? We've waited about, 4-5 years for her to have a storyline... and more than just a handful of centric episodes. Kinda depressing that team members like Rossi and Prentiss, who have not been on the original team, has more of a backstory than JJ does.