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New Moon – Bis(s) zur Mittagsstunde
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10 Ways to Annoy Jacob Black

10. Never use English around him – instead, bark.

9. Call him a Weltraum heater.

8. Tell him that Hunde make good pets, not good partners.

7. Ask him if he has RSVPed to the wedding yet.

6. Inform him that real men sparkle.

5. Walk up to him and claim Du have imprinted. Say Du Liebe him and demand his paw in marriage.

4. Tell him that even though he may run at a boiling 108.9 degrees, Bella doesn’t find him hot.

3. Inquire as to how Leah is… and if he dreams about Sam the way Leah dreams about Bella.

2. Ask him if he likes to do things… doggy style.

And the Number One way to annoy Jacob Black?

1. Make him a day-by-day flip calendar, counting down the amount of time Bella will remain human.
Okay here is chapter 6, again apologies for any spelling errors. Things heat up a bit with Blair and Jacob as she finds out about the Werwölfe and vampires, but they dont KISS yet, i guess we have to wait until chapter 7 ;) hehe thanks for the support guys! Kommentar and rate :)

Mum let me take the week off because of my ankle the doctor sagte it was sprained and I shouldn’t be walking on it. That doctor sure didn’t look anything like a doctor, Mehr like a movie star, his name was Doctor Cullen, oder something like that. I haven’t seen Jacob since Tuesday, and today is Thursday, Billy said...
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Here is chapter 5. Rate it; let me know in a Kommentar how it’s going so far. Apologies if there are any spelling errors, i rushed this one.

“Blair, wake up, Du need to go to school sweetheart, you’re already late”
I groaned my throat was dry; I slowly opened my eyes, remembering what happened last night.
“Oh dear, Blair, Du don’t look so good, are Du feeling sick?”
I tried to get out of bed, and had a massive headache, feeling dizzy; I tried to walk to the door falling over on my attempt.
“Blair, baby, I don’t think Du should go to school today, Du look sick, and Du can’t...
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Jacob Black
burnin' up
Jacob Black
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1. I could imagine the frustration pulling his black eyebrows together and crumpling his forehead. If I’d been there, I might have laughed. Don’t give yourself a brain hemorrhage, Jacob, I would have told him. Just spit it out. (Bella)

2. The word boyfriend had me chewing on the inside of my cheek with a familiar tension while I stirred. It wasn’t the right word, not at all. I needed something Mehr expressive of eternal commitment… But words like destiny and fate sounded hokey when Du used them in casual conversation. (Bella)

3. There’s no law that says I can’t cook in my own house....
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