Jacob und Bella Forbidden Liebe Chapter 1-A Jacob and Bella story

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As I kissed him so passionatly, I thought ,"Is he the one for me?" I still was lost between the two heartthrobs of my life.

It was early Saturday morning. I woke from bed feeling groggy."Another drizzly day", I thought. Edward was waiting for me outside with the same dazzling smile that hypnotized me."At least I get to see him all the time", I reminded myself.I finished showering, pulled on some clothes, and hurriedly grabbed a piece of toast from the toaster and started to head for the door.
"Bye dad", I said.
"See you later, Bells", he responded.As I dashed out the door, I saw a flash of brown in the trees.I wondered if Jacob would be out this early.As I climbed in the car, Edward greeted me with a kiss on top of my head.
"Good morning", he said the words flowing out so perfect and velvety soft.
"Hey", I said.
"So what do you want to do today?", he asked me pleasantly.
"I don't know how about just catching a film?", I answered.
"Ok, well which one?" he questioned.
"How about Crosshairs?", I plaintatively said.
"Fine and don't worry I'll pay everything", he answered nonchantly.As soon as the movie started and finished, Edward's face was rigid and stern.
"What is it?", I said,scared.
"I have to leave", he answered calmly.
"NO!I can't let you leave again!!NEVER!!", I screamed out loud.
We were already in the car, so no one would bother to ask why I was screaming at the top of my lungs.
"It'll be fast not like last time ", he said sternly.
"WELL HOW LONG?!?!", I exclaimed.
"Just 2 months", he explained.
"I can't wait that long.You know what happened last time you almost got killed and so did I," I said, angrily.
"Don't worry I'll call now and then to make sure you're ok," he promised.
"Fine, but please don't forget me," I pleaded.
"Don't worry I never will," he answered.
As soon as we said our goodbyes the next day then the weird stuff started to happen.When noght fell I suddenly heard someone throwing rocks at my window.I jolted upright and went to the window.And who should be waiting there? It was Jacob, the freind that would always be there for me.
What will happen with Jacob and Bella?Find out in Forbidden Love Chapter 2!
 As I kissed him so passionatly, I thought ,"Is he the one for me?" I still was Lost between the two h

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