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TV personality and restaurateur Hong Suk Chun has shared the secret of his role in IU and Jang Ki Ha’s relationship!

On January 18’s episode of “Heard It Through the Grapevine Show,” Hong Suk Chun confesses that he knew that the couple was dating before it was publicly confirmed.

He says, “One day, I got a call from Jang Ki Ha, who told me he had a friend who he wanted to eat with, but sagte they wanted it to be a quiet event. IU came that day.”


“We didn’t allow any other customers at the restaurant that Tag so that just the two of them could privately eat together,” Hong Suk Chun goes on to say. “After that, we prepared a tabelle for them another time as well.”

“The staff at the restaurant really enjoyed it,” he comments. “I told the staff not to tell anyone, and tried to make delicious Essen for them. I also grabbed a cab for them when they were leaving.”

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