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”IRON MAN” (2008) Review

I had never heard of the Marvel comic hero, Iron Man, until I saw the trailer for the movie, during the early spring of 2008. Mind you, I had heard of Iron Man’s alter ego – Tony Stark. The latter’s name had been mentioned in several Internet Artikel written about Spider-Man. Which is why I could not summon any excitement when I saw the trailer for the movie starring Robert Downey, Jr.

Until the release of 2000’s ”X-MEN”, I have never been that familiar with most of Marvel Comics’ costumed crime fighters – with the exception of Spider-Man, the Hulk...
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posted by shourie
The movie Iron Man is amazing. The directors and all the movie crew has done a amazing job making this movie. Robert Downet Junior has done an amazing job Schauspielen in this movie. HIS HUMOUR IS SEXY!

Also has the other actors done well. The movie's graphics didnt look artificial. So, they had me convinced. An mind blowing movie with power packed action sequences. The sounds in the movie were recorded very well! Iron man's suit and the dressing styles of the actors were very stylish...

Inside the Robert Downey Jr. performance that has supercharged fans

By Anthony Breznican May 03, 2019 at 08:16 AM EDT

Tony Stark has always been about the power play.

Avengers: Endgame delivers a breathtaking moment for the hero who sparked the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Let’s explore its creation with directors Joe and Anthony Russo…

***Spoilers Below***

He was turned to steel
In the great magnetic field
Where he traveled time
For the future of mankind

Those lyrics to Black Sabbath’s 1971 “Iron Man” song have never rung Mehr true.

If you’re here, that means you’ve seen Avengers:...
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posted by Dusty12345
Many of Iron Man's villains are not known very well. I want to fix that. Of course there is one that everyone should know, Iron Monger. Whiplash is going to be in Iron Man 2. He has two long whip-like energy beams that he uses to attack. Blizzard is basically the same thing as Mr.Freeze, one of Batman's villains. Unicorn is another one of his villains. He can shoot a very powerful laser beam similar to Iron Man's uni-beam. The Crimson Dynamo is just like a gigantic suit of armor. The Controller will use a micro-chip to take over your mind and make Du his slave. The Mandarin is the leader of a Chinese crime gang. He uses the power of magic rings called the Makulan rings. Madame Masque has a mask that can change her appearance to look like anyone she has ever encountered. I have only scratched the surface of his villains. There are many Mehr and I strongly suggest Du to look up the others.
"IRON MAN 3" (2013) Review

One would think after the release of last year's "THE AVENGERS", Marvel Studios would call it quits on its saga about the team of superheroes who foiled an alien invasion in sagte movie. But the "THE AVENGERS" opened the possibility of a new threat to Earth, paving the way for a new slew of stories for the costumed Avengers.

The beginning of this new group of films resulted in the release of "IRON MAN 3", the third movie about the sole adventures of billionaire Tony Stark aka Iron Man. The alien invasion from "THE AVENGERS" had left its mark on Tony. He has become even...
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posted by Dusty12345
everyone is always saying how weak iron man is, but he is pretty powerful. He can fly, shoot powerful beams, and has a computer helm that can help him see things and it also translates. He could probably defeat Captain America, Cyclops, Spider-man, Wolverine, Daredevil, Angel, Mystique, Punisher, and Ms.Marvel. I'm not saying he's really "The Invincible Iron Man", but sure can kick butt. He has made many Suits of armor: war machine, hulk buster, Marks 1,2, and 3, stealth armor, and a lot more. Also some people say he has a drinking problem. I don't see where they get this. I do know though that he enjoys parties, I mean he's a billionaire, who wouldn't. I just got one of my Friends to like iron man after one episode of the Armored Adventures. I Liebe that he is a genius yet still a Playboy millionaire.
posted by DR76
Below is my review of "IRON MAN 2", the sequel to 2008's "IRON MAN":

”IRON MAN 2” Review

I must say that I am grateful to the filmmakers of ”IRON MAN 2”, sequel to the 2008 blockbuster, ”IRON MAN”. I am grateful that they only waited two years to make this movie, instead of three years oder more. But even if they had made the movie Mehr than two years after the original film, I believe the movie proved to be worth any wait.

Some IRON MAN Fans and film critics have expressed the opinion that ”IRON MAN 2” was inferior to the original 2008 movie. I certainly feel differently. I believe...
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posted by Dusty12345
"Alright everyone, if you'll please look to your right I have Stark Industries latest advancement." The missle is launched toward a mountain. Suddenly it splits sending hundres of smaller ones as well. It hits the target and explodes. The onlookers could not believe their eyes. Tony Stark gets into a transporter, van to go home. "I think that went..."BOOM! A bomb goes off Weiter to his car and Tony faints. He blinks once, then twice. "W-w-w-here am I? Then a voice says "Deep inside a cave somewhere in Afghanastan. Du do not have much time left in this cave either." "What do Du mean?" "What I mean is that...
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posted by lucyking
It’s no doubt that this T-shirt IS the best Iron Man 3 theme T-shirt ever. The reason is simple and clear: Robert –The Iron Man – wears it in the movie.
Our Iron Man wears this t-shirt quit often when he was human form and billionaire Tony Stark. This t-shirt insgesamt is a dark-grey t-shirt features a blue logo on the front. It’s not a dramatic costume but Mehr likely a normal t-shirt that Du can wear for daily use.

Tshirtsky released this t-shirt on April 20, thirteen days ahead the film premiere, so Du can go to the premiere of Iron Man 3 with this t-shirt in the first place. Du can...
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posted by laurik2007
 'IRON' GIANT The third installment in the Iron Man series is poised to be a both financial and critical success.
'IRON' GIANT The third installment in the Iron Man series is poised to be a both financial and critical success.
Release Date: May 03, 2013; Rated: PG-13; Lengths: 135 Minutes, 129 Minutes; Genre: Action/Adventure; With: Don Cheadle, Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow; Distributor: Walt Disney Pictures

Reviewed Von Owen Gleiberman @

Iron Man 3 is an ominously exciting, shoot-the-works comic-book spectacular. It keeps throwing things at you, but not with the random, busy franchise indifference that marked the hollow and grandiose Iron Man 2. Iron Man 3 is closer to a vision of the world teetering on the edge. (Imagine The Dark Knight Rises with less apocalyptic hot air.) The film was directed and...
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