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I Liebe the humble silence of this street,
embellished with quiet trees,
where no soul has ever gone by,
except that of the wind...
Clouds pause to look at the street
with their heavenly eyes,
and they can tell, Von looking at the leaves
whether Fall oder Winter have settled their realm.
I Liebe the humble silence of this street
embellished with quiet trees
along which I walked on so many Sundays
with my small grove of rememberences...
When I die, my friend, the best of me
will survive in this street:
the concealed rose of my regrets
and the roaming Musik of my dreams...

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Dib nodded his abnormally large head and moved the cursor towards "Christopher Membrane." He clicked, and it took a bit of time to load. His dad's website was very informative, so therefor, very slow.
Gaz waited impatiently. Once it loaded, she slapped Dib.

"Ow! What was that for?!" he asked.

Gaz gave a sly smile and replied. "So I could have the laptop."

Dib reluctantly stood up from his computer chair and pulled it out for his sister. He left the room and went into the küche to get a soda. Gaz slid down into the chair and read the article, which said:

"Professor Christopher Membrane-

Age: 35....
continue reading...
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