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12 months have passed since lin and zag have been waiting for the arrival of their new smeet.
" oh zag im so happy! anyday now our smeet will finally be born! i'll finally be a mom!"
lin and zag were in the armada recovery deck where future mothers were ready to give birth to new little invaders. zag sat Weiter to her holding her hand. "i know. im so happy for Du honey. too bad ida and fluke are'nt here to see it." ida and fluke were at war with some of the aliens trying to take over irk. lin doesnt remember the last time she saw her sister and fluke. the two were a part of her herz and she...
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The camera slowly pans into the massive and Du here Zim blabbing about his latest plan; the tallest come into view with their eyes twitching
Zim: “and then everything turned into a fiery mess, ok bye” the transmission ends and the tallest go crazy bouncing off the walls then out of the shadows, a female Irkan comes into view (she has a red version of Tak`s eyes and her antenna are kind of like Tak’s only thicker and on the end she has two kinks instead of just one, and she has purple on her feet and hands on her gloves, also she has two fangs that stick out of her mouth)
Katie: “that’s...
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