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IchigoShirosaki posted on Mar 21, 2011 at 09:54PM
i have made a Inuyasha rp, BECAUSE i can. :3

summary: Inuyasha and the gang find themselves in search of the Shikon jewel shards once more, and this time their adventures lead them to new extremes. they come across a fox demon girl, who possesses a shard of the shikon jewel, but is not willing to give it up. when demon's attack the Akira's village and Inuyasha looses grip of the tetseiga Akira somehow can use it upon her own free will and defeats the demons using wind scar.

meanwhile there's romance in the air, Inuyasha and Akira soon realize they have a bond stronger then anything, but one thing stands in their way.. Kagome and Kikyo. will Inuyasha decide on Akira, Kagome, or Kikyo?

simple rules.

spelling doesn't count. just has to make sense.

no killing off characters that belong to anyone,

and please let me know of any plots before posting. please and thank you.

most of all enjoy.

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr IchigoShirosaki said…
name: Akira

age: 108 in demon years. looks to be 17.

race: Fox Youkai (full blooded fox demon)

description, short brown hair and slightly pointed ears topaz eye color, has a silver fox tail

past: unknown for the time being.

personality: a bit goofy like shippo, but is very brave and arrogant at the same time, tends to act before thinking.

other stuff: from the begining of thier frist encounter, Inuyasha and the gang have mixed feelings towards her, but Shippo looks up to her like an older sister, upon which she is very over protective of shippo and is constantly yelling at Inuyasha when he hurts him. contains a shard of the shikon jewel in her left arm, thus increases her demonic power by 10 fold. like most fox demons, she uses fox fire. (optains a sword upon which she can use with her fox fire and other attacks)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr djtim1000 said…
name: cobra

age: 300 in demon years

race: snake demon

description:is a 7 foot long snake with arms about human size.has yellow eyes and a cape of skin around his neck like a cobra.

past:cant remember much of his past and just roams the world aimlessly.

personality: very timid and tries to act tough on the outside but is a big softie

other stuff: carries a bow ,arrow and a saxe knife he carries on a leather belt
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr kevinkamps said…
age:been aroun since time of frankenstein about 75 yrs b4 that so hes ummn looks young 4 some reason though he looks like a 20 yr old
apearance:has a wierd kimono like jacket thingy on blue and yellow nd green with flowers on it nd stuff and has a headband on and wears a short and kimono is open so u can c hs chest kinda :3 hair is all messy like a surfer dude and has wierd blue colored sunglasses and wears slippers or nothing on foot and is kinda bown like a kangaroo.......and has gills eyes r aqua like and hair is brown kinda yellow
past: was a life saver at a beach still is 1 tho and lived antartica.......

persoanlit&attitude:is chilled laid back could care less not lazy but seems like it is kinda of a hippy
stuff: has a surfboard that can bcome a all boards like skateboard etc even a chalk board :D in it it contains a staff an ice staff that hits ry that can freeze ppl or can let them b laid back and can fight with it