Ice Age Got to go see Ice Age 4: Continental Drift

KodyBoy555 posted on Jul 22, 2012 at 06:09PM
Well, I just got to see the 4th (and possibly final) chapter of the Ice Age series, "Ice Age: Continental Drift", in theaters today. The storyline is that everything is breaking apart all because of Scrat the squirrel trying to get his acorn while being in the Earth's core. This was from the short that was attached to "Rio" and became part of this movie. Also, another short which was attached to "We Bought A Zoo" where Scrat is like a mermaid when being captured, also became part of the movie. Manny and Ellie's daughter, Peaches, wants to live on her own and find somebody to date. There she meets a handsome boy mammoth named Ethan. Then a molehog (whatever it that is) is following her. Sid reunites with his family and he often possibly reunites with his grandmother. Diego is looking for a girlfriend, too. The land is cracking up and everybody is trying to find shelter. Then Manny is carried away by his wife and daughter. And so do Sid and Diego. Then the storm scene was so wild and adventureous, it may remind you of "The Perfect Storm", the 2000 Warner Bros. film starring George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg about a fishing boat that sank during a hurricane or a storm in 1991. We just found out that Sid's grandmother is in the tree on that chunk of ice that floated away. And by the other way in the short that was attached to "We Bought A Zoo", Scrat is captured by a band of fiendish, nefarious, cunning pirates lead by a ape named Captain Gutt. Flynn the Elephant Seal is totally funny and Gupta the Badger is sly. And so do Manny, Sid and Diego later on. Then Diego encounters a girl sabertooth tiger named Shira (voiced by Jennifer Lopez), whom she is part of the pirates, but decides to go on the good side than being on the evil side. Then there's a army of gophers who plan to attack the pirates. This time, this Ice Age sequel has got its own songs. This one is sung by Captian Gutt and his band of pirates. And then at the credits, there's the song called "We Are". This song was in production and played for a test on "American Idol", where 3 or 4 of the remaining finalists of American Idol give it a try to sing along and add it to the song. The 3rd sequel to Ice Age , "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs", had Queen Latifah (the voice of Manny's wife, Ellie) singing her own version of the '80s song "Walk the Dinosaur". And one thing, Sid's grandmother has a pet whale. And if you have just seen it lately in theaters, there's a girl ape who's a mermaid and who feels like the Whippet Angel from "All Dogs Go To Heaven". Wouldn't you have imaging a girl ape who's a mermaid and the song "Let Me Be Suprised" from "All Dogs Go To Heaven" playing in your head? Well, after failed attemps to get the acorn, Scrat encounters a place called Scratlantis. It looks like that Scrat just finally got his hands on acorns! But then, he pulls the plug and all then, everything is changed. It's now North America. And Scrat is now stranded in a desert. Sorry, Scrat. You just lost your prized acorn. My favorite part is where Captain Gutt and his band of pirates sing to Manny, Sid and Diego. Well, that movie was fun!

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