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I did not write any of this. I just thought I could share this story with you!
P.S. The eldest cub 's name is exactly what I thought it would be! ( I didn't change the names! ).


That's how long it's been sense the cubs were born. Diego paced outside of his shared cave with Shira, waiting for her to of approve for him to come in. During their first few days, newborn saber cubs were vulnerable; they couldn't see, hear oder smell. The mother saber liked to keep her cubs away from everyone, even the father, until they could at least open their eyes.

Diego understood that, he just wanted to his...
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It's been some time since the herd had their last adventure. Alot of them had changed over the past few years. Peaches has grown to a full adult with Ethan as her mate. Louis has gotten over is crush over his best friend and managed to finally find a female maulwurf hog whom is named Charlotte. Granny is still living (What a surprise!) And Sid is still looking for a mate. Crash and Eddie are still their idiotic selves while Ellie and Manny are still happily together. And our Favorit savor Diego along with his mate Shira had three beautiful cubs. Hunter,the oldest,Xavier,the Sekunde oldest,and...
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Scrat sniffing in the ground looking where to bury his he had to stomp on his acorn then the water started to rise where he buried it rise up scrat and his acorn they are on oben, nach oben of the spouting water scrat is screaming then the spouting water stop he is feeling if he is on the ground oder not he is falling scrat caught his acorn and landed on a baum branch and it hit his nuts when he landed scrat went silent for a bit and scream in pain and drop his acorn and fell off the branch he is holding his painful nuts he cried a little with one tear he pick up his acorn

Peaches almost ran over scrat common...
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