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This is a fiction I wrote this summer and gepostet in
I figured I'd share it chapter Von chapter with you, since here the Huddy ship is stronger :D
As I wrote it a few months ago, it has no spoilers for season 5!

Be gentle, english is not my first language ^^


1st Chapter - "The Bet"

It was just another Tag for House. Another weird disease, another accurate diagnosis, another happy ending.

This particular time he didn’t have the chance to annoy Cuddy though, and the reason for his grumpiness was finally found. Now he knew why he was...
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posted by EnjoyHuddy
There are spoilers from season 5 so if Du don't want know anything about it,

But if Du want to,let's start!

Ok,here I am again...
Wow, today I'm really active in this spot!!
Anyway,I'm not here to talk about what I do in this spot,but I'm here to talk about this "Not-Happend-Yet-Huddy-Kiss".

I'm sure some of Du will be annoyed about all these Huddy talks,but that's what Fans do so again, here I am.

Let's start to say that now we all know that it will happen in the 6th episode of season 5.Some of Du are thinking:
"WOW,so soon?"
And so that's what I...
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So this is a sequel to “Stacy’s Return.” If Du haven’t read “Stacy’s Return” I highly suggest it because Du may be a little lost, but Du should still be able to follow this if Du haven’t. Stacy’s Return was written in between the airings of Braveheart and Known Unknowns so everything taking place after Braveheart does not exist in this alternate House world (lol).
I also want to clear up a numerical error I made in the last chapter of Stacy’s Return: October/October. It says 15 months later but it should have sagte 17 months. Rachel should be 2 years and 10 months older...
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ok, sorry for my lack in Updates but im trying to keep the fp on updated with the FF one…so sorry fp-ers…anyways, thanks to my beta – Iane Casey – for all the editing done to my fics…

Two's Company - Three's a Crowd

-Chapter 3-

3 Weeks Later

Cuddy had allowed Kirstin to stay with her permanently now that House knew about her. She had recently taken a week off to renovate the spare room with her daughter. Kirstin had opted for an off white with a limette, lime green feature wall. House had gegeben her a bunch of band posters to stick up around her room; much to Cuddy’s disapproval.
On the subject...
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posted by nothin_ooses
Greg, why did Du do it? Part II

"Thanks for all the posts. That was what I expected... some people liked, some people didn't, but I'm happy that even if the ones that didn't like asked for more! It's really an odd story and I'm starting to like it so thanks very, very much! I hope Du like it either".

As soon as Cuddy stepped into her office she locked the door. She had any Mehr powers to hold herself together, so she leaned her back at the door, and sliced through it slowly until she could sit in the floor, and hug her legs against her breasts. That feeling was slaying her cruelly, she had...
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House’s hand caressed Cuddy’s rosa blushed cheek, the silence felt between them could have been cut with a knife.

Cuddy placed her hand underneath House’s white and wrinkled shirt, as she gently felt the groove of his back. Her breath was visible in the cold atmosphere of the three star, sterne hotel room they were both staying in. As she felt the hairs on her arms stand up because of the cold air, she pulled House’s warm and clammy chest closer to her, as House struggled to pull his loose hemd, shirt of his back, even though it was minus three degrees.

“It’s cold.” Cuddy’s voice was weak,...
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posted by Sculy08
A Happy Life: Chapter 14 (6/16/09)

[House enters the differential room Singen Billy Joel's She's Got A Way About Her. Foreman, 13, and Taub are sitting at the tabelle going over a patients file. They all look up when House enters the room and look at each other grinning. House walks over grabs a cup of coffee and walks up to the white board.]

House: What do we have girls?
Foreman: 30 Jahr old female unexplained paralysis in the lower extremities. Fever and vomiting. CT,X-Ray and blood work all clean.
House: Where does she live?
Taub: In an apartment with her boyfriend.
House: Foreman go and talk...
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So the pretence of this ff, is that House and Cuddy have had sex Monat prior to everything I write regarding this specific fanfic :)

(Cuddy entered her office, and found House sitting behind her desk.)

Cuddy: What the hell are Du doing here?

House: Your upset.

Cuddy: Like hell I’m upset. Can Du get out of my office, please?

(Cuddy walked towards her lounge sofa whilst House got up from behind her desk)

House: Okay.

(House made his way to the doors.)

Cuddy: Wait.

(House let go of the doorknob, and turned and faced Cuddy. Her head in her hands, House was observing her every mood. Deducing that something...
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"Cuddy's Lost custody of Rachel." Wilson stated sadly.
House, who was sitting at his office computer, looked up from the screen to catch his friend's mournful face.
"The grandparents?" House asked.
Wilson nodded his head.
"But they didn't want her. They sagte it would be too painful."
"I guess they changed their minds." Wilson sagte as he placed his head in his hands.
"Where is she now?" House asked in a whispered tone.
House walked to her front door and was about to knock but stopped himself. He remembered her hidden key and took it from...
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House took Cuddy outside of the house, and they walked slowly to his car. He opened up the passenger door for her and gently helped her in the seat. House shut the door, he was asking himself- "What am I doing?", "Why am I being so nice?" He stepped into the drivers seat, started the car and drove off.
Lisa-"Ummzzz, areee Du are not drunk? How long have Du been at John, um.. um?
House-John Hopkins Du mean?
*House couldnt help but crack of laughing*
House-"I just got here today."
Lisa-"Me toooooo."
*House smiled.*
Lisa-"Whazzz Du Favorit color? Mines is purple!"
House was laughing...
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posted by HouseJr
The tests are being taken, Wilson doesn’t know why Cuddy insisted HE take care of House, but he could sense in her voice that she needed him to do this. ‘Has what I’ve been joking about all this time finally come true? Has Cuddy fallen in Liebe with House?’ It’s the only reason he could think of, either that oder House did something really repulsive with her and the baby the other night.
House was lying in the bett passed out, Cuddy had ordered the Morphine and House looked content, Wilson wasn’t going to wake him up to ask such a trivial question. But before he could...
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posted by huddyisgreat
I'll tell Du a little bit about myself first. No offense to hamerons, but i have always been a outright HUDDY fan.So I am obviously bouncing off the walls. When this seaseon starts, I feel like everyone has kind of abandoned House. I mean I get the whole pain in the a$$ thing but still. Wilson is the one that fixes everthing and for him to basically laugh at him when he apologizes is cruel. THe bright light at the end of the tunnel is Cuddy is going to do whatever it takes to make House happy above anyone else.
Well, I had a hard time staying away from this Artikel editor :P
Especially after Help me :DDDD

So, with the help of catherinw, I'm bringing Du
The best of the best Huddy moments ever
(again :P)

WARNING: seriously huge amount of Huddiness below

◘Awful: link (3.09 Finding Judas)

◘Adorable: link (5.17 Social Contract)

◘Breathtaking: link (6.23 Under my skin)

◘Buttilicious: 'OMG! You're not wearing any udnerwear!' (4.08 Du don't wanna know)

◘Cute : Rachel spitting on House. (5.13 Big Baby)

◘Dull: 'I know when my Vicodin isn't Vicodin, do Du know when your birth control pills aren't...
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Hear ye, hear ye!

Having heard the (rightful) bemoaning of a lack of passionate lip wrestling thus far in the season, I have taken the most promising premise for the upcoming episodes (A Pox On Our House) and written up a possible ending to the episode. This does not in any way mean that I

A) have seen the script

2) have seen the episode


III) reside under gardens and create troublesome holes for granny-types who curse my existence.

This is just me providing one possible scenario for the end of that particular episode. Now, from what...
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Hi guys ;) Sorry for the delay, but I have been pretty busy these days. I have tried to catch up with everything, but it wasn’t easy.

Here Du go with the official nominees we have come up with. I collected them all and put on the Liste below the ones that received at least two Stimmen in each category. I am sorry for the other nominees...but I couldn't put them all of course :P. I hope when we write the Artikel I could quote all of them (this is gonna be long XD)

I have organized some categories in subcategories, because there were too many choices and I also thought it would be nicer if we could...
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posted by migle
When House left Cuddy’s office it was about lunch time, so he went to pick his friend, who have to pay for his food.
He entered Wilson’s office without knocking as usual, but now, he didn’t screamed, he was quiet. He just sit in the chair face to Wilson and waited until his friend will finish his jobs.

“- Du so quiet today, something wrong? Don’t think that I am complaining”, he was just looking to House, he never been quiet oder speechless, Wilson was keeping his pen in hand , ready to sign his last paper until lunch, but he thought that wasting time could torture House, to say ,...
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posted by migle
After House visited her he felt better, now he know that she is better, that few days later she could came back to work, he doesnt have to worried that she could felt worce, at least now. House start working very hard not to think about her, his team was happy that House working.
Few days latter House was treating little boy, - „Do liver biopsy..“, House told to Taub, but he didint move, -„ I cant, until Cuddy is not in work.... and where is she....she disappered few days ago, is not sounds like her she is administrator she cant just disapered..isnt???“, everybody was worried, House...
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I understand there is frustration directed at the Huddy fandom but we DO have legitimate reasons for not liking the Lucas arc and therefore some of us have been fairly vocal about it.
I don’t bash other ships but I will Frage the current storyline and the writers if I feel it warrants it.

I also want to say that I’m only Schreiben about my personal experience and opinions and don’t speak for other Huddy Fans but I believe some feel similarly.
I do spend the majority of my time on the Huli spot because I felt it was safer to be a Huddy there when the Huddy spot was being bashed Von Hamerons...
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posted by cheery_blossom
Gregory House
532138 lorbeer straße
Mayfield Phsychiatric Hospital
Room 524

Hello House

How ya doin?

I knew Du wouldnt write me back.

But Im going to continue to write to Du anyway. Partly because eventually i know Du will write back, because the boredom will start to slowly kill you. And partly because well, i hate to say it, but without Du here to stir things up, the boredom might kill me.

Im not going to tell Du again to comply with your doctors becuase i would be wasting my time. But if Du did read my Zurück letter, i suggest Du re-read the part about Sebastian Charles......

just sayin....
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“Now, what did we come here for again?” House asked Cuddy. “Oh yeah. Damn. Hurry before we’re to late.” She sagte dragging House outside. They went to the campus park. House nearly tripped on a bench because Cuddy was dragging him everywhere. Then they stopped at a little spot near a huge willow tree. “Ah, the willow tree. I believe these were where we first saw, spoke and had our first fight.” House sagte sitting on the bench that rest peacfully under the tree. “Yes. Do Du remember your first words to me?” Cuddy asked with a hint of sarcasm in her tone. “I think they were...
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