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posted by Hughlaurie4ever
When they pulled into the driveway, Rachel bolted out of the car into the house.

House was on the couch watching TV when Rachel walked into the house.

" Hey squirt."

" Hey cripple."

House rarely calls Rachel Von her actual name. He always call her nicknames. And Rachel won't call him House until he quits. He didn't.

" So Du ready for tonight?" Rachel sagte quietly.

" Ready for what?" Cuddy asked walking in and sitting Weiter to House.

" Your datum tonight." Rachel said, smirking, knowing it that House hates it when she calls it a date.

" Oh, I know what your trying to do Von saying date, Du little parasite....
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posted by lizzie22xo
So, this is sort of a House/Cuddy/Lucas fic, honestly it just depends on how Du look at it. I'm not sure if this fic is worth continuing oder not, so this maybe a one shot... who knows!
But, the italics are flashbacks, and normal Schreiben means your back in the present. Figured I'd tell Du guys that just in case Du guys would get confused oder something. Anyways, please let me know what Du think! :))

The evening of Saturday came tortuously slow. Finally, it was time… time to walk down the imaginatively glowing white carpet that seemed 2.6 miles long. When your feet start to Bewegen closer...
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posted by cheery_blossom
I'm passing the time before House starts tonight Von Schreiben this admittedly very stupid yet somehow mildly amusing fanfic.

I'm no longer Schreiben fanfiction, besides oneshots and stupid stuff like this :)

I hope Du like it anyway...haha


Monday Dec 2nd 2009

Lisa Cuddy has joined facebook

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James Wilson has changed his status:
So this is facebook...


Lisa Cuddy changed her Profil picture
Greg House likes this


Greg House wote on Lisa Cuddy's wall:
I can see Du from where i'm sitting!
James Wilson likes this

Lisa Cuddy Kommentiert on Greg...
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posted by lizzie22xo
It was strange to her, why she was beginning to think about him, in Mehr of a liking way. Of course, she liked him, even though he bugged the living hell out of her some days, but it was Mehr than a friendship liking. Yes, her plan was to meet him, to study him, because lunatics interested her. But, she thought he’d never be Mehr than a study for her. And, she thought wrong.
    “I’m trying to work on a paper. What do Du want?”
She glances up from her studies, as he walks in the lounge of the university.
“Whatcha workin’ on?”
She gives an ‘obviously’...
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Eight hours later, and House had just woken up, and was staring happily at Cuddy who was sleeping soundly in his bett Weiter to him. He moved a stray curl from her face, and smiled as she began to wake-up. Cuddy let out a happy sigh, before she smiled as she noticed House was still in bett with her.

House: Morning.

Cuddy: What time is it?

House: Nearly five.

Cuddy relaxed into the pillow.

Cuddy: That was great.

House: Du like?

Cuddy: I like, a lot.

Cuddy smiled, before she slipped out from beneath the sheets, and began picking up her clothes which where around her, and began to get dressed,

House: You’re...
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Wilson: She’s emotional and hormonal. She doesn’t know what she wants.

House: I know when to blame it on hormones. What she told Du was the truth.

(Wilson could see House was upset about it but wouldn’t dare Zeigen it.)

Wilson: So what are Du going to do?

(House met Wilson’s eyes.)

House: Nothing.


(House came out of the elevator, and collected some notes from the reception. He looked into the clinic and could see Cuddy standing there. He wanted to go over and look after her-but he stopped himself. Instead, he walked off unbeknownst to him Cuddy watched him walk away with a feeling...
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posted by ilovehouse345
the roof of the hospital is where house and cuddy come to think, but they have never been there at the same time.until.....

cuddy was there one night thinking about everything thats going on in the hospital.she here the door slam and turns around to see that house is there.



"what are Du doing up here"?

"this is where i come to think,why are Du here"

"i come her to think too"


"im just going to go ahead and leave"


she walks to the door and trys to leave but it wont open up.

"i thought Du were leaving"

"the door i think is jammed"...
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posted by Irene3691
They sleep until the light starts to fill the room and it bothers his eyes. He stands up, draws the curtains and goes back to bett again, sleepy.
‘Morning...’ Whispers Lisa.
‘I'm sleeping, leave a message...’
‘You wish...’ She is still sleepy and smiles with her eyes closed. ‘I’m not gonna give Du a massage...’
‘Well... Du can give me a massage if Du want... I won't blame you...’
‘Would Du give me a massage if I give Du one now?’ They stay with their eyes closed.
‘We could deal...’ House stays lying on bett while Cuddy sits up.
‘Okay, but don’t get used to this...’...
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posted by Sculy08
[House and Cuddy spent the weekend packing up his stuff at his apartment. Wilson even showed up to help. House thought the look on Wilson's face was priceless when he told him that he and Cuddy were shacking up. Rachel was in her pack and play happily playing with a toy. House still felt uneasy being in the apartment after his delusions of Cuddy. It was getting easier since he and Cuddy were actually, dare he say it, a couple. House laughed to himself.]

Wilson: So Cuddy have Du seen a doctor yet?
Cuddy: No, I am going to do that soon though.

[House walks over to Cuddy and places his hands on...
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posted by Sculy08
A Happy Life: Chapter 10 (6/9/09)

[House, Cuddy, and Rachel are in her car and heading home. Cuddy is in the passengers sitz with her head turned to right looking out the window. Rachel is asleep in her sitz in the back seat. House keeps glancing over at Cuddy. Cuddy notices this and turns her head towards him and smiles.]

Cuddy: I'll be okay House it’s just a bug.
House: Cuddy I think we should stop at the pharmacy on the way home.
Cuddy: Why?
House: I think we should get a pregnancy test.
Cuddy: House I couldn't get pregnant before even with in-vitro what makes Du think Du can impregnate...
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posted by Sculy08
A Happy Life: Chapter 9
[House walks into the clinic. The nurse at the station looks up from the computer screen and smirks at him.]

Nurse: Dr.Cuddy is busy she has Rachel and will only be in for a few minutes.
House: Good. Just enough time to annoy her. Go back to your crossword puzzle Nurse Cranky.
Nurse: Nice to know Du still as miserable as Du always were Dr.House.

[House sees Cuddy sitting at the DESK. House's mind travels back to a time when the schreibtisch was new. It was late spring and the semester was coming to a close. House had gone to see Cuddy before the summer. House knocked on Cuddy's...
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posted by anonymously
Hello everyone!

As Du know voting for the Huddy Awards closed yesterday. I would first of all like to thank everyone who took the time to vote. There were a lot of categories and it's really nice to see the amount of participation we had, so on behalf of Bea, Katia and everyone else who helped, thank you!

I'm Schreiben this small Artikel to collect all the results together. (In parenthesis is the percentage of Stimmen for the winning moment - as Du already know)

Bea and I will however write a longer Mehr complete Artikel in the days (or weeks) to come.
I will also be making a video of the winning...
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posted by Hughlaurie4ever
What if Cuddy was with House in Last resort? And they were in a relationship and Cuddy was pregnant?


House and Cuddy- Has been together for about 2 years. They were together talking when the man barges in with a gun.

As House sits behinds Cuddy's schreibtisch taking out the screws that held her drawer, a man barges in.

House looks up and sees a man probably in his 40's who looks nervous and sick.

" Is Dr. Cuddy here?"

" She's in the drawer , I'm trying to save her." House replied sarcastically.

As Jason left he saw a woman in a lowcut oben, nach oben with...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Sorry for the long chap! Hope you'll still like it! Thanks for reading!

House had been seated for almost an Stunde in a place he least expected himself to be, a park. He must be the saddest form that was there that afternoon since every corner was filled with happy people playing, fishing, running and talking. Some were Von two's while others come in a bunch, yup, a family. The view is something he wasn't sure he wanted to see so he then stood from the bench where he was seated as the thought of Stacy breaking what they've agreed upon was running in his head. He had walked a few steps when his...
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posted by Hughlaurie4ever
House and Cuddy in highschool. ROADTRIP!! Zufällig fanfic

High School years

" Come on dude!" House's friend, Hugh, calls from outside House's room.

They were getting ready to go to California Von themselves over summer break. They lived in Michigan so it was a few Tag road trip just to get there.

" Alright, Alright man! Calm down! What got your panties in a bunch?" House sagte as he stepped out of his room.

Hugh just rolled his eyes and turned around starting for the door.

Hugh and Greg have known each other since they were born so they are pretty alike....
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posted by huddy4everfan
…House looked at her and smiled realizing what he had just said. ‘I Liebe you, Lisa Cuddy, I Liebe you...’ he repeated a few times loving the feeling of saying it. Cuddy was looking at him and she started giggling loving the feeling of just listening to him. His confessions were interrupted when she pressed her lips against his.

The Weiter morning House wake up from the sun shining through the window of his bedroom. He opened his eyes and a big smile occurred on his face. He saw Cuddy Weiter to him. She was lying on his hand and the other one was around her waist. Their fingers were locked together....
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posted by Fabouluz
Wilson: Hey, I brought Du coffee.

(House looked curiously at Wilson, as he sat down opposite him. The team where finishing up with the POTW leaving House time to reflect in his dimly lit office.)

House: Du seem, happier.

Wilson: Yeah well, I’m a happy person.

(House drank some of his coffee, when Chase walked in with Thirteen following him.)

House: What are Du doing up here?

(Chase seemed hesitant to reveal the reason, when Thirteen entered behind him with a file in her hand.)

Wilson: Has something happened?

Chase: You’ve got another case.

(Thirteen handed House the file she was carrying; and...
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House returned to his dorm to get ready for his datum tonight with Rachel, she was coming over to his dorm tonight. Tom came into House's and his dorm.
Tom-"I heard Rachel Namey was coming over tonight? Is that true?"
Tom-"You know Rachel, blonde hair, pretty, hangs out with Lisa Cuddy."
House-"Oh her, yep, she's coming over for the threesome, your in it."
*Tom gave House an annoyed look*
Tom-"Why did Du invite her over? Do Du even know her?"
House-"Shes pretty, who cares."
House-"You think there is another reason?"
Tom-"You want to make Lisa Cuddy jealous."
House-"I dont...
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posted by cheery_blossom
Ahhh. hmmmm. Where to begin...

Well today, when I showed up at school, I was talking to a big group of people (who also watch House). They were all calling Cuddy a hündin for dating Lucas. Now I come on here and see the same thing, and i'm sick of it already

Maybe it's just me, maybe i'm getting WAY to into the characters oder the show, but I just dont see how Cuddy dating someone other than House merits being called a bitch.

I mean, c'mon. Weve seen five full (fabulous!) season's of House. As far as i can remember, every character has had a happy relationship at some point oder another. Except Cuddy....
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Part 10


(Cuddy paused a moment.)

Cuddy: They asked me to bring a witness with me when I sign the papers Weiter week. I was wandering if Du would come with me.

(House looked up into Cuddy’s eyes with a serious face.)

House: Sure.

Cuddy: Great.

(There was an awkward moment and then House left.)

Cuddy: Wait.

(House’s hand was about to open her office door when he turned around.)

(Cuddy walked towards him.)

Cuddy: I don’t want Du thinking that I will forget about Du House.
House: I’m not. I’m happy for you, like I said—

Cuddy: I know.

(There was a tender moment when they...
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