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This fanfiction is set after the bus crash. It is supposed to have Mehr than one chapter but I still have to write the others.
(Probably it will be Huddy (who knows me shouldn't be suprised)
I hope Du like it and I didn't make too many mistakes.

Chapter 1: Thoughts of a dying atheist.

House felt dizzy. But dizziness was not the main reason why he was worried. It was his mind.
He blinked to chase the imagines away but it didn't work. Coloured points danced in front of his eyes and they changed their appearance so fast he didn't wonder anymore why he felt dizzy.

From gaudy orange to rosa then to blue, to purple and bilious green, he felt like his head was going to explode any minute.Then finally, it was getting dark and he sighed almost relieved.
But just for a few moments because then the sequences started.

He could not tell if it was his mind that played tricks on him, if he was dreaming oder drunk oder if he had taken too much Vicodin. But he knew that something was wrong. There were people awfully screaming at a place which looked like a train oder a bus, shattered glas was spread on the ground and he felt something heavy pressed on his leg.

All of a sudden it was getting dark just to become bright again, so bright that he had to close his eyes because the light was burning in them. It was peacefully quiet now he just heard his own regular breathing, though he was everything but calm. House listened to his breaths before he turned his head around and froze.

It was Amber who looked at him, first truely shocked but then her facial expression changed. She smiled. And that made House afraid because there was something wrong with the smile...terribly wrong.
The corners of her mouth screwed up until she was sneering. He heard her laughter but before House could react a pair of hazel eyes looked at him. The expression in them was hard to describe, a lot of pain and sorrow but also anger. And House had the queasy feeling that he was the reason why Wilson was mad, even if he couldn't tell why.
He stared at Wilson as he opened his mouth to probably shout at House, but he disappeared as fast as he had shown up.

Instead of Wilson a pair of familiar blue eyes looked at him. House began to wonder what he had gotten into and hoped it would be over soon. Cuddy was looking concerned, nothing special, but this time it was different. She looked really concerned. House asked himself if he was dead, but as he looked around he rejected the thought again. It was neither heaven nor hell, not that he believed in it, it was strange...he searched for words but failed.

He closed his eyes and hoped it would make Cuddy disappear like Wilson and Amber but she stayed. "Damn woman...even in my dreams she follows me. Why has she to be so stubborn?" he thought. She stayed and kept on looking at him with anxiety. He closed his eyes again and this time he was successful. She was gone.

House's mind was somewhere beyond imagination and reality. The fragments came again and he didn't know if he was dreaming oder if he was awake. It was too bizarre to be true but on the other hand it was so realistic that he thought he was conscious. He drifted slowly into darkness again and thought it would all be over again, that he would open his eyes any moment and found himself in his bett oder at his desk, and that everything had just been a real bad nightmare.

But he didn't wake up. He hadn't expected it, it would have been too simple. The screamings started again, he heard people shout, cry and even pray before it was silent again. Then he heard a well known voice.

"Do Du have the results?"

A male voice he couldn't recognize answered to the female one.

"The needle went straight into the brain and caused huge damage. He has suffered a complex partial seizure, affecting most of his temporal lobe. The violent shaking widened his skull
fracture, causing a brain bleed."

The femal voice kept silent for a moment and House wondered who the object of interest was.

"But Du fixed it?" It was Mehr of a rhetorical question.

"We won't know if there's any cognitive impairment until he's out of the coma"

the male voice remained objectively.

House was almost pleased, a doctor who finally had control of his emotions but then he suddenly realized that they were talking about him and the pleasant feeling flow away immidiately.
The female voice didn't say anything but House was almost sure that Cuddy was nodding.

"Thank Du Dr. King."

House made a mental note to himself to accidently make King fall to the ground with his cane as soon as he would be awake again. If he would be awake again.
The medical facts came back to his mind...didn't sound like fun. And would explain the blunt pain in his head. So there he was, Dr. Gregory House, in a coma, caused Von an electrode. The worst thing about it was that it had been his own idea. "That's the result if Du want to do a good deed once in your life."

He had been into a lot of serious situatuions in his life, but this one was worse. "I'm getting too old for stuff like that." But he couldn't deny that he was in serious trouble now. Whether he would wake up oder not. And he wasn't even sure if he did want to wake up.

Even after the conversation with Amber...and most probably she just had been an illusion of his overworked brain. She had told him to get off the bus...to step out into the darkness again. He had followed her Guter Rat for no reason he just had had the feeling that it was the right thing.
Now he wasn't sure of it anymore.
Wilson would hate him...and he was at fault for Amber's death.

House wished that the redemptive darkness would come again...or the fragments but it didn't happen. Maybe it was an improvement that his mind didn't slip into this strange status again but this wasn't any better.

And then, all of a sudden, he woke up. The first thing he noticed was the bright light in the room...his eyes needed to get used to it first. The Sekunde and Mehr important thing was the fact that Cuddy was Von his side...and holding his hand.
Out spot is in serious trouble right now, its officially dead...I mean WAY dead, sure there's some Forum games going on.....but nobody's here....not even in the shipping oder characters spots. Its a ghost town....SO (After a long story) I think I might have a small solution.

Okay I got way nostalgic today, while waiting for people to come Home from a football game I starting looking through old Foren on this spot and saw how active everybody was and how LIVELY this spot was.

There was always something going on, and I know we're in a rut now because House has been gone so long, but we've had...
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posted by kathleen951015
Kathleen Twain passed away today, July 21st, 2009. She has Lost her battle with Leukemia. I hope Du all know that she loves this place and all of you, and has many fond memories I'm sure.
Her condition was getting worse and for a week oder so nothing changed. This week it was indefinatley worsening. She kept a poisitive outlook through all of her treatment, though.

I'm sure that she will be remembered as a kind and caring individual who was very passionate about life and made the mest of every day. Her memory will never fade.

R.I.P Kathleen Twain
posted by livethislifeup

2:00am - Evident signs

The clouds swept through the sky in vast patches of gray. The wind had picked up in increasing amounts of speed every hour. A storm was undoubtedly approaching.
With the whole team barely coherent, all of them falling asleep in the middle of the differential, House was feeling fairly frustrated. So he gave in, and let them all go Home for the night.

"Go home. Rest up. Come back, ready to work your asses off."

They all dragged themselves off of the tabelle and prepared to go home. They all made it out of there fairly quickly. House limped back into his inner office and began...
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Ok, this is my first Chameron article...I wrte it down this morning while I was at school ( massive inspiration) during art class..
btw english is not my first language so there could be some (or a lot) mistakes so , please if there are any, don't care much about it!!
And maybe they are a little OOC but I'm not sure...
Dedicated to my mimi who today jst had her Chameron red... CONGRATS!!

Enjoy!! :)

"Ok guys, run blood coltures so maybe we can find something.If we don't, run other expensive tests, just to make Cuddy mad. I'll be in the OBGYN but if Du need something, don't call me until 15.32"
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posted by pollyloveshouse
 Huddy army to the rescue!
Huddy army to the rescue!
Please note, no offence is meant to anyone in this story, it is just for a bit of a laugh. I am very sorry to the Hamerons, not looking for a fight at all, i promise! This is just from a little joke we had on MSN, then i was really bored and... well you'll see when Du read it!!

Again, no offence intended at all!!

Dear House spot,

HELP! I have been taken hostage Von a rabid tribe of wild Hamerons!! I fear they are still on the loose! There is only one way to stop them, so listen carefully!!
We must call forth the Huddy army, the protectors of all things Huddy! This is what needs to be done:

On the...
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posted by Chandlerfan
OK, this is an AU kind of fic from House's POV, and how he really perceives Cuddy and Wilson. I'm only Schreiben about those two because he knows them Mehr than the ducklings/new team. Sorry if they seem out of character.
Anyway, enjoy! =D

Another Monday came along so quickly, I barely had time to enjoy my weekend properly. I didn't mind too much though, contrary to what others believe. All in all, I had a decent day; in comparison to any other day, that is. As usual, I managed to annoy the two people I care most about: my best friend and my boss. They know I mean well. At least I hope they do....
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posted by TheHiddenCane
this is the last chapter I had in word already so from now on the waiting time between chapters will be longer because I have yet to write the other chapters... just thought I'd give Du the heads up.


Watching you.

It was a strange thing, watching House sleep… where his blue eyes were not open to depict his misery, his mouth wasn’t open to deny it and the obvious tracks of it somehow vanished into the rhythm of his tranquil heart, he was another man:

The one that Wilson had met some time ago; seemingly in another...
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posted by rose2
Hameron Fans WHERE ARE YOU?

I mean,come on guys,how is possible not to like Hameron.Allison and House just fit together.Cameron is so nice and beautiful and helpfull and just so perfect and young.House is sarcastic,funny sometimes annoying but pretty good.The only problem is,you know,the age.House is 50 oder maybe a little bit older and Cameron is almost 30 oder younger.I don't think it would be possible to have many children.But,except of this tiny problem,they are just perfect together.It's just so unfair and bad that people don't see the value of this couple.Can't Du feel it???Ok,I admit it.Maybe some of Du will say that I'm saying all these stuff because I'm addicted to Cameron and Hameron but believe me it's not just that.It's all the passion and the drama they have both and it's just so addictive!!!!!
Isn't that obvious?God,I feel like anyone can't understand that!!
posted by Chandlerfan
I couldn't post this as a link because, well, I don't have a link. So for some reason I decided to write it out for Du guys! =]
Aren't I nice? =P
Anyway this is from the 'Weekend' magazine (in the UK) so if some facts are outdated, that's why.
The bits in speech marks are what HL is saying, and the other bits are what the interviewer (Gabrielle Donnelly) is saying.
I used abbreviations sometimes, and a few bits have been missed out if thought irrelevant.

Another typically sunny morning on the set of House and, in the roomy reception area of the fictional PPTH, lounges Hugh Laurie. The character...
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