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At first I have to say that these are just my thoughts on what might happen to Thirteen in season 5. Most of these thoughts came to me at 4 o clock in the morning, so don´t expect something brilliant oder world-shaking. I don´t know how the brains of David ufer and the screenwriters are working and to be honest, I have no idea what is going to happen in autumn, but I Liebe making speculations and looking at different possibilities and thought it might be interesting for one oder two to read.


So, let´s start.
It´s easy to recognize that there are two possibilities.
1)Thirteen won´t get a relationship with someone
2)Thirteen will get a relationship with someone (or a kiss, sex, whatever)

Ad1) That seems to be quite possible, since House isn´t a Zeigen like Greys Anatomy, where everyone simply has to have one oder Mehr relationships during a season.
There have also been rumors which say that they want to make the Zeigen Mehr like it was in the beginning. (Season 1 and maybe 2)
I guess that would mean less focus on relationships and Mehr on clinic patients and other medical stuff.
There was also the rumor that a private investigator will appear and that he will be interested in Cuddy. So if they make a House/Cuddy/ Pi triangle, maybe they have enough relationships for a season. We also mustn´t forget that there will probably be much about the House/ Wilson friendship, so there´s maybe no time for a Thirteen romance. :[
So, how much relationship did we have in the other seasons?
Season 1 : Cameron was in Liebe with House and they had 2 dates
Season 2: Cameron and Chase had sex, Stacy was there with House, Cuddy and Wilson had a date, Wilson had an affair with a patient, Foreman had a girlfriend (we didn´t see much of her)
Season 3: Cameron and Chase became sex buddies and got together at the end, growing tension between House and Cuddy, Cuddy had a date, Foreman had a girlfriend
Season 4 : Mehr Huddy, Wilson and Amber

Ad2) Seeing how much relationship was in each season and assuming Season 5 will look like that:
Season 5: Huddy, Cuddy and the Pi, _________
…there could be room for another possible couple. We also have 3 fairly new characters and two of them (Kutner and Thirteen of course) don´t have a partner.
So maybe one of them will get a date. And if it is Thirteen, well, there are two major possibilities:
1)A female one
2)A male one

Ad1) There are 3 possibilities.
Cuddy, Cameron oder a new one.

Cuddy: Since Cuddy has already the Huddy thing going on and will now maybe have something with the new Pi, I can´t see why there should be a third person added to her Liebe life.

Cameron: She is together with Chase and even if they break up I can´t see why she should get together with Thirteen. I consider this rather implausible.

A new one: In season 4 we already got many new characters, now we are going to get the new Pi. So there are already many characters and then another one… if a woman would Zeigen up, she would probably only appear in 2 oder 3 episodes like Foreman´s two girlfriends. But that would be rather boring.

Ad2) Possibilities: Foreman, Kutner, House, Wilson, Taub, Chase, Pi
Foreman: Foreman and Thirteen are both rather quiet and serious. Maybe Foreman finally manages to have a relationship which lasts longer than only a few episodes. Besides, isn´t it interesting that Foreman is a neurologist and that Huntington´s is a genetic neurological (!) disorder.
So maybe: Birds of a feather flock together.

Kutner: I think Kutner and Thirteen are quite different. While Kutner seems to be a rather open and funny person, Thirteen is Mehr serious and tends to hide things about her life. Because of this I think they would make a good couple. With her disease, Thirteen doesn´t need someone who is also that serious but someone who is Mehr optimistic and makes her laugh even in hard times.
So maybe: Opposites attract.

Wilson: Basically, I think they could be cute together. Wilson tends to look out for needy ones and Thirteen has just become one. But since he Lost Amber at the finale, I don´t think he will get another girlfriend in season 5. He needs to be alone now. Remember that House isn´ t Greys Anatomy.
So maybe: Needy ones datum the needy ones? Lol

Well, I think House, Chase, Taub and the new Pi are even Mehr unrealistic to became Thirteen´s boyfriends.
But form your own opinion, we will see what will happen ;] <3

I´m sorry for all the grammar and spelling mistakes I made, don´t kill me and I hope it was at least a little bit interesting to read.
posted by Elizabeth0
Du may call him Gregory House, Dr. House, House, M.D, sexy as hell, oder simply House…or maybe Du just call him that jerk of a doctor on that Zeigen from Fox.Despite his drug addiction, blatant disregard for the well-being of his patients (or anyone else for that matter), and the, well, selfish, annoying...JERKY things he says and does...
We Liebe him.

Who knows why?

Maybe it's because we realize, like Dr. Cameron, that Gregory House needs Liebe Mehr than anyone.
While he is the type of person Du can laugh at on T.V., if your life really was on the line and Du were treated like that, I think panic...
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posted by dreamsofspike
Title: Used
Rating: R/NC-17
Pairing: House/Wilson FS, House/Cuddy FS, eventual Wilson/OFC and possible House/Cuddy
Warnings: non-con, violence, disturing images, sexual content and mild language
Summary: House endures his worst nightmare. As he struggles through the most traumatic experience of his life, will his Friends be able to help him get through it? Can they deal with it? Can he?

A/N: Hi, all :) This is my first post here, and I'm not sure who all is here that I may already know. I'm interesting in making new Friends who also enjoy House fanfiction...

My Schreiben tends to be dark and angsty...hope...
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