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posted by huddy_aimee
House got off the elevator at the 4th floor and made his way to his office, sat down and opened Wilson's lunch as he pulled a fork from the inside of his coat. He smiled greedily.
He took a mouthful of the pasta, nudeln but as soon as he did that he was interrupted Von none other than Dr. Foreman.
"We've got a case," he sagte lazily.
"Can't," sagte House with his mouth full of food. Foreman glares at him whilst thrusting the dark blue folder at him. House rolls his eyes.
"What part of 'I can't' do Du not understand?"
"Why can't you?"
"Because I'm on my lunch break and then I'm on vacation." House said, "Now is your chance to Zeigen what such a good diagnostic legend Du are!"
Foreman looked at him, insulted Von what he had said, and departed the office in a huff.
1:30 had come around quite quickly for Cuddy and she sat in her office awaiting the arrival of her head of Oncology. She heard the door open and she tore her gaze frome the files infront of her.
"Hey," he greeted.
"Hi," she replied, "Take a seat."
Wilson sat down infront ofhis boss and smiled, handing over the envelope that contain her ticket and in-depth information on the trip.
"I've booked Du a yacht. I pilot will come onboard and take Du out of the sound and then he will leave Du with two weeks to yourself cruising." he explained, now trying to hide his smirk as he had sagte 'two weeks to yourself.
"Thanks Wilson," she dismissed
"No problem, don't forget, it's a depart at 5am tomorrow,"
"I won't forget," she mumbled as he had exited her office. He giggled (like a little girl) to himself, 'Mission accomplished,'

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Sneak Peek #1. Cuddy tells the POTW about her life.
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An old video, but I think it hasn't been added yet. "Hugh is really great guy, why not check out my butt"..xD
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