Horror legends Favorit movie? (Add Mehr if Du want)

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Freitag, der 13.
A nightmare on Elm straße
silence of the lamm
Added by axemnas
can&# 39; t decide
can't decide
Added by kaydbud
House of a 1000 Corpses
Added by EllaBlack
I Know What Du Did Last Summer
Added by Helen-Lover
Jason X
Added by misstree2009
new friday the 13th
new friday the 13th
Added by zakbeck
ginger snaps
Added by 1122ridr
freddy vs jason
freddy vs jason
Added by technosavy
Child's Play 1
Added by ChuckyFan984
Added by SM1791
1974 Black Weihnachten
Added by QueenofHorror
All of the Above:)
The Ring
The Ring
Added by chillyneon
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