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posted by australia-101
WHEN TO USE FLASH CARDS: memorizing words/vocab, numbers, equations, names, dates, and verbatim facts oder lines.

WHEN TO USE MNEMONIC DEVICES: memorizing steps of a process oder sets of facts/information/people, especially in an order.

WHEN TO USE CONCEPT MAPS oder DRAWINGS: learning (rather than memorizing) relationships, processes, concepts, systems, etc.

WHEN TO USE TABLES oder CHARTS: learning oder memorizing systems (e.g. conjugation in a foreign language), sets of sets of information (e.g. people and when they lived and what they did), and other large/complex groups of information.

WHEN TO USE SONGS: for learning oder memorizing anything.
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Hi everyone willing to read this paper. I need your imput... I'm not satisfied with this paper and need help! Thanks to everyone!

Miniatures are the same as the real thing, oder are they different? What about foosball and soccer; ping pong and tennis? Ping pong and Tennis are Mehr alike then most people may think. The equipment, rules, and techniques are relatively the same with only a few minor differences.
    Furthermore, the equipment is similar. Both Tennis and ping pong players use rackets to hit balls to the opponents court. Handles and heads are found on Tennis racket....
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Hello all. I'd Liebe some tips, constructive criticism on my essay. Thanks in advance! :)

Comparing Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X

    While Martin Luther King’s peaceful protests against narrow minded white supremacists helped him rise to national fame, Malcolm X, born Malcolm Little, lectured the United States about Islam and urged others to dismiss all whites as their enemies and arm themselves for war. Each discussed the same issues, but their methods of achievement and ideas about equal opportunity differed as much as night and day. Although both greatly influential...
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