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Born: Gary A Sinise
Mar.17, 1955, time unknown
Blue Island, Illinois, USA
87W41 41N39

Noon Positions EST
Sun in Pisces 26°22'
Moon in Capricorn 8°00'
Mercury in Aquarius 29°51'
Venus in Aquarius 15°00'
Mars in Taurus 13°26'
Jupiter in Cancer 19°53'
Saturn in Scorpio 20°35'R
Uranus in Cancer 23°41'R
Neptune in Libra 27°40'R
Pluto in Leo 24°50'R
Eris in Aries 8°11'

Gary Sinise exudes a quiet strength and intelligence which leads us to believe he has either Gemini oder Leo rising, although we cannot Bestätigen this. Moon in Capricorn is the wise, no-nonsense, give it to me straight Gary, who patiently...
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added by House34