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harold posted on Mar 18, 2008 at 04:43PM
So, I figured I'd start a thread for fans to discuss their favorite hikes and/or hiking stories.

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr harold said…
I've been going up Mission Peak since I was 6 or 7. It's an interesting hike, because there are two close-to-sea-level trailheads, as well as trails that connect with other, more distant parks (Sunol to the east and Sandy Wool to the south), so you can vary your hiking experience a great deal.

What's funny to me is that, for twenty years through the early 90s, there was hardly anybody on the trail. It would be such a remarkable occurrence to encounter another hiker that you'd stop and chat for a few minutes. But in the last ten years, Mission Peak has become a huge training ground for mountaineers, who practice their hikes by going up to the peak and back as fast as they can in preparation for trips to Mount Whitney, Shasta, the Rockies, et cetera. So the shortest trail - from Stanford avenue - is incredibly crowded all the time, to the point where it's rare to have any time where you're alone on the trail. Now, you can take the Horse Heaven trail or hike any of the other trails and still get that sense of communion with nature away from humanity, but once you get to the peak, it's like a party at all hours of the day.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr triplethreat said…
i love hiking hahaha its a great way of exercise and you feel so accomplished and happy with yourself. it is even more fun when you walk with friends. it makes great memories

there is a set of mountains right near me and we go all the time once we found this piece of rock split down the middle so me and my two friends thought it was a good idea to go down in it and it was we saw snakes and got to disappear for a couple of minutes.

in washington state there is also some of the prettiest mountains in the world. My favorites ove there are mt. st.helens and mt. ranier. i got to climb mt. ranier and it wasextremely hot but we kept going until we reached snow and let me tell you it doesnt taste like real snow!!!!!!!! but it felt great because it was like 100*f and SNOW hahahaha anyway i hope i convinced you to go hiking !!!!!!!!! its really a great time and i cant wait to hear all about it !!!!!!!!