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High School Musical
Ashley Tisdale
lucas grabeel
bop to the oben, nach oben
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I Liebe this song!!
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oben, nach oben 10
With Via at her bedroom wearing this: link
Hairstyle: link.
She lay down to bett like this: link
She began Schreiben on her journal..

This Tag is one of the best days of my life. Harry Styles my...errrmm.. boyfriend and I went to Starbucks. After Starbucks, we decided to walk in going to the mall. While we were walking, I heard camera clicks but I didn't mind them. maybe they're just the paparazzi. While we were at the mall, we passed at a jewelry store and guess what... I saw my long time wish ring! It's not just an ordinary ring. In my dreams, i always see a boy giving it to me. I don't know who...
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The Weiter day, Via went to the boys. The boys were about to leave..
Harry: (getting worried) Have Du seen Via?
El: Her mom didn't allow her to come with us..
Harry: (disappointed and call Via) Answer the phone please..

Via wearing this: link
Via: (answers her phone) Hello, Harry?
Harry: Oh thanks Du answered my call.. I called Du ten times last night and Du didn't answer.
Via: Oh, sorry.
Harry: Where are you?
Via: (chuckles) Turn around.
Harry: (turns around) Wha- (sees her)
Via: (smiling)
Harry: (hugs her tight)
Via: (hugs back)
Zayn: (watching them and gets jealous)
Via: (pulls away) Sorry, I can't come.....
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posted by PrincessMae29
I thought I saw a girl brought to life
She was warm, she came around, she was dignified
Showed me what it was to cry
You couldn't be that girl I adored
You don't seem to know oder seem to care what your herz is for
But I don't know her anymore

There's nothing left, I used to cry
My conversation has run dry
That's what's going on
Nothing's fine I'm torn

I'm all out of faith
This is how I feel
I'm cold and I am shamed
Lying naked on the floor
[ Lyrics from: link ]
Illusion never changed
Into something real
I'm wide awake and I can see the perfect sky is torn

You're a little late...
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