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posted by DeniseAnne
Here Du are a text dedicated to Helen of Troy and to her unlucky fate of others' death.

Helen of Troy, pick a side.
oder do Du not care how many men will die?
When the sand runs red their limbs will still shake.
When their hearts stop beating will Du choose to slip away?
Helen of Troy, let the war simmer down.
Too many men have reached for your crown.
These walls are untouchable, too high up to seize.
When the world slows down I’ll Zeigen my weakness.
Hele on Troy, I fear for the worst.
I am becoming Mehr attached to this pain that hurts.
I’m casually accepting the terrors of fate,
But still enthralled with the idea of a chase.
Helen of Troy, turn away from Paris.
A lonely smile, seeking a worthy herress.
My touch of patience has no fear of growing old.
I’m a worthy cause, none yet too bold.