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posted by MercyYJ
Name: Bella Harmony Watson

Hero Name: Mercy/ Nova

Powers: Controlling and creating feuer and heat

Skills: Extremely good sharpshooter when pissed off, good fighter, able to predict all your moves based off of just looking at you, has a mind like Sherlock Holmes

Age: 16

Appearance: orange hair, blue eyes, freckles, around 5'7"

Personality: Around the team; lighthearted, random, kind. Not around the team; down-to-earth, not afraid to speak her mind, kind.

Hero Costume: **Refer to picture

Civies: red and white striped tank-top, black skirt, red sandals, decoder necklace

Past: **NEW AND UPDATED! Not like the old one!** Always thought that she was the one to set the feuer to her house which killed her family, but later found out that it was someone else who had already been killed in jail. She "disappeared" from the law and had then begun traveling, forming and helping out with other teams in different areas of the world. She was eventually seen Von Batman, who had "forced" her onto the team Von saying she needed a legal guardian and all that crap.

-Has a toned-down Sherlock Holmes mind
-Has a police badge that she is able to use
-Speaks almost every language except French
-Batman doesn't send her on team missions, just solo ones
-Hates being in one place for an extended period of time
-Hates being on the team but doesn't tell anyone except people off the team
-Thinks of herself as slightly crazy/insane
-John Watson is her uncle
 Hero Outfit
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