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MOOALLEM: How did Heathers happen?
RYDER: Heathers came around when I got the script from Michael McDowell, who wrote Beetlejuice. I read it before it went out to people and I freaked out. I called Michael Lehmann [the director], and I was like, “You don’t have to pay me. I just want to say these lines.” And at first they didn’t want me. It’s actually on the commentary for the DVD, which is kind of nuts. Dan [Waters, who wrote Heathers] and Michael are talking about casting me, and they say something like, “Remember how we didn’t think she was pretty enough?” But when I heard...
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posted by oneshyguy46
In the opening scene where the Heathers are playing croquet, Heather McNamara is wearing a wig.

Remember the geek that had milch come out of his nose when Heather #1 looked right at him? Well the the producer sagte that the geek gave a very "De-niro-like" performance because he put gelatin capsules of milch in each nostril, and they had to wait to shoot the scene until the capsules had melted a little and were ready to burst.

Friends Veronica Sawyer and Betty Finn are named after other fictional Friends Veronica and Betty from the comic strip "Archie", and Tom Sawyer and amerikanische heidelbeere, heidelbeere, huckleberry Finn.

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