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 Care for a Bat Bogey Hex? Anyone?
Care for a Bat Bogey Hex? Anyone?
Greetings Fellows! I'm Isabellagirl033 and I've written this Artikel to clear the confusion that many of Du seem to make. I've seen and heard many people classifying Ginny Weasley as a Mary Sue character. Yikes!
Jk Rowling has made the character of Ginny Weasley a very complex one. She evolves from a shy, little girl to a fiery and outspoken redhead. The problem is that Ginny has so many positive characteristics that they overshadowed her flaws.

Ginny indeed has many flaws etc.
* In the Chamber of Secrets, Ron himself says that "Ginny never shuts up, normally" meaning that one of her flaws is...
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As I did with my Artikel like this in the Once spot, Imma do state the song name and pull lyrics from each song that just really remind me Bellatrix and how sagte lyric reminds me of her. For once the Liste actually is in order from what I think Suits her most to least.

1. Be My Friend Von One Eye'd Doll: The insgesamt story of the song talks of a serial killer who doesn't understand why she can't seem to make friends. The chorus goes as the following; Serial killers are people too if Du take away the voices I'm just like Du I'll hack Du up and bury Du in my yard but why does making friends...
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