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lauracullen66 posted on Aug 27, 2009 at 01:29PM
just start at one and see if you can get 1000

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr cromulanfav said…
1628. The front pages of twilight suck, they all are supposed to symbolizes something, but it isn't that impressive at all, like apple is forbidden love, i would rather put banana as "for monkeys" to read.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr peaceoutsuckaz said…
What u guys said about SMeyer using the "sex sells" rule makes sence. I think i found her other "safety line" : Girls like sparkly things. I'm with those ppl (sorta), but when its a guy sparkling...its just creepy. Guys shouldnt sparkle! Just not right.

thats just my idea. its ok if u disagree
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr XDRoseLuvsHP said…
I think her reason for having the vampires sparkle is because she wanted them to be perfect, so they can not only live in the sunlight, but be beautiful! So basically, she wanted to take their obstacles away and further reduce the plot to an almost non-existent joke.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Pensieve_Seeker said…
And, XDRoseLuvsHP, having sparkly vampires is quite a draw for those who are fascinated by bright, shiny objects.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr XDRoseLuvsHP said…
Very true, Pensieve_Seeker :D

SarahBeara1231: Please provide evidence to your claim. Thank you.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr grainne93 said…
HOW do twilight fans think they're intelligent?!
i found ANOTHER stupid for-twilight argument:

Why don't all you twilight hatters keep your STUPID, IMITURE, WROUNG, comments to YOURSELFS. NO one wants to here what you have to say when every SMART person in the world dosn't agree.

BAHAHA. every smart person?
oook. :)

Vor mehr als einem Jahr MissDK said…
lol grainne93 :D
About sparkly things lol! I LOVE sparkly and shiny things. I like shiny hair, shiny stuff, shiny everytihng. But not a shiny, sparkling man. That IS indeed creepy. And non-masculine!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr grainne93 said…
omg when I read the book, I imagined flawless skin.
then the movie came out and it was actual sparkles. What the hell, imagine walking around with him, he'd be like an accessory :)
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr MissDK said…
Hahahaha, lol! yeah, prettier than a sparkling giant ring on your finger.
Lmao! Sparkling man, the biggest accessory :P
Vor mehr als einem Jahr souflizzle317 said…
1629. my family owns a bookshop, yet i spent 60 pounds (about $94, $95) on a full set of british version harry potter books (i'm american) and they have a special shelf all to themselves on my bookshelf. i spent exactly 4 cents on the twilight books combined.

1630. every good fantasy book has an older mentor. what does twilight have? the best excuse they could have is carlisle and even so, dumbledore pwns carlisle any day.

1631. ahem, i'm sorry, but did stephenie meyer get asked to speak at Harvard graduation 2008? no, she didn't. JKR did and when i found out, i begged my grandmother to get me a ticket (my late grandfather went to Harvard) and it was the most amazing speech i have ever heard :)

1632. jkr spent 17 years writing 7 books (1990-2007) and smeyer spent, what, 3 years writing 4 books? wow...

1633. the harry potter wall calendars kick ass over the twilight calendars

1634. even dumbledore had times in his younger years when he was leaning dangerously towards going bad

1635. contrary to what twihards say, harry potter is definitely not impossible to read. i read the first 5 books by the time i was 7 (and book 5=870 pgs) and loved them to death.

1636. as said before, my family owns a bookshop. my dad has had midnight openings for books 4, 5, 6, and 7 and the summer that breaking dawn came out, he decided to have a midnight opening for that too, since some people seemed interested. lets compare:
breaking dawn opening: exactly 3 people showed up
deathly hallows opening: i literally had to fight my way through the store just to get around because there were so many people packed inside

1637. when DH came out, my entire living room was lit up all night as my older sister, her friend, my best friend, and i read after the midnight opening :)

1638. harry doesn't ruthlessly kill voldemort; it's love that finally conquers all. but the love isn't the mindless obsession in twilight. in harry potter, it's the unconditional love between friends, parents and children, teachers and students, housemates (is that a word..? i mean gryffindor, ravenclaw, hufflepuff, slytherin), siblings, and more. i mean, for god's sake narcissa risks voldemort killing her to spare harry's life so she can get to the castle and be with her son.

1639. i'm sure there aren't very many people like me, but i was absolutely OBSESSED with harry potter since i was 5. then, when i was 13, i dropped it and loved twilight. finally, after about a year, i realized how messed up it was and i went back to loving harry potter. it only shows how harry potter must prevail over twilight if someone can ditch harry potter for twilight, and then end up going back to harry potter because twilight wasn't worth it :)

1640. i want to spend hours proving why harry potter is better, but i have to reluctantly go back to homework...

GO HARRY POTTER!!!!! (especially gred and forge, haha)
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr TeamVoldy said…
I joined because of this, and spent at least 3hrs. reading it.

1641: When it's foggy you can go out with a patronus and defend yourself from dementors.
1642: Wands
1643: When I read about the Quidditch house cup and Gryffindor won, I cheered. I read Twilight and well, I couldn't think of anything to cheer about.
1644: JK, Rowling didn't have to fil pages with Harry taking a bite of food.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr peaceoutsuckaz said…
souflizzle317-you're not alone (on reason 1639). i had a twilight phase in 7th grade cause one my friends is a major Twidiot. then we had a fight and i came to my sences, and back to HP.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr peaceoutsuckaz said…
thank you to every1 who agreed with my sparkly comment :)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr souflizzle317 said…
haha yeah peaceoutsuckaz, i was completely obsessed with twilight and now im so ashamed of it :( anyway:

1645. fred and george are *the* most amazing pranksters in the world :) "funny" emmett with his knives and sex jokes doesn't even compare

1646. there's a deep reason why voldemort wants harry dead. harry continues to escape him and his parents had been enemies of voldemort ('those who have thrice defied him' -the prophecy). harry also has the power to defeat voldemort once and for all. why does victoria hate bella? bella's abusive boyfriend killed victoria's "love".

1647. harry potter teaches that there are all sorts of different kinds of love, and all of them are equally powerful, *and* all of them have a part in conquering evil. twilight teaches that if your boyfriend leaves, you go emo and then reject the only person who tries to help you get over him (jacob).

1648. harry potter fans are so devoted that we're closer to 2000 now than we are to 1000 :)

1649a. getting to go see harry potter 4 at midnight for my 10th birthday even though it was a school night was the best birthday present EVER. including all the expensive stuff (ex: laptop)

1649b: when i found out harry potter 4 was coming out in november, i thought it would be cool if it came out on my birthday. when i found out it was coming out on november 18th (my birthday) i FLIPPED and made my parents get tickets online immediately. finding out that new moon was coming out just 2 days after my birthday made me feel ashamed of my birth month.

1650. when edward leaves, bella gets lost in her own backyard practically (ok fine it was the forest, but it was right behind her house...) and goes emo for months until he comes back. when harry breaks up with ginny, she doesn't even cry. she just tells him that she knew it was inevitable, and then acts perfectly normal around him.

1651. ginny ignores her mother's command to stay in the room of requirement and helps in the fight against the death eaters. she almost gets killed by bellatrix but then mrs. weasley steps in and murders bellatrix :) anyway, bella (swan)? she stands there with her baby and put a mental force field around everyone while everyone talks about their problems. wow um impressive...? i dont think so
Vor mehr als einem Jahr bubbly_making said…
it has waaay more depth and the charecter are brilliant. Also, it is mega original and has been a worldwide hit for a decade and twilight is, in my opinion, already fading out after one year or so...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr MissVictoire said…
That'd be 1652, so 1653:
Sometimes consequences define your life with hardship
Will goodness be the banner you raise?
'Cause with his last breath, Severus said, "Take it, take it....."
(He was the bravest man I ever knew....)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr haropuff95 said…
DivyaHarry-always the tone of surprise!(lol,not really)

like your reasons,souflizzle317 ;)

Vor mehr als einem Jahr ordian17 said…
there's just something strange, most of the twilight fans in my school actually have a brain so I'm a bit confused. Though none of them have straight "A"s.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ordian17 said…
Also be careful when debating about Harry Potter being better than twilight because the girls can team up on you and try to kill you when least expect them to do something.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr souflizzle317 said…
haha thanks haropuff95 :) seeing as i used to like twilight, i take proving harry potter the best VERY personally. anyway i don't have lots of time but heres a couple more reasons:

1654. even though there are lots of repeats in this forum, if you take out the repeats and just count the different ones, we still probably have around 14- or 1500 reasons why harry potter PWNS!!!!

1655. my older sister dressing up as trelawney for the DH midnight opening was so much more detailed and pwn-tastic looking than my friend dressing up as rosalie for halloween

1656. leakycon is so much cooler than...oh wait a second, twilight doesnt HAVE their own convention! my bad i guess leakycon automatically wins :)

ps did anyone go to leakycon 09? if anyone did, did you go to the john granger talk? AMAZING!!! :)

1657. i've actually had bertie bott's every flavor beans and chocolate frogs (admittedly, they didn't jump away but the thought is what counts). what amazing food do they have in twilight? the pasta that charlie butchers and is inedible? yeah i don't think so.

i'm really getting sick of seeing all the twilighters posting that twilight rocks, but they have no evidence. it gets really old after a while so if any twilighters see this, please don't comment that twilight is better UNLESS YOU HAVE REAL EVIDENCE!!!! thank you, and have a nice day :)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr XDRoseLuvsHP said…
soulflizzle317: I also used to like Twilight *hangs head in shame* and I'm an AVID Harry Potter fan (and have been since about 4th grade) so I also feel very strongly about people comparing it to HP. Twilight is an awful book in many ways, and Harry Potter is probably the best fantasy since Lord of the Rings. I hate it when people insult Harry Potter by comparing it to a piece of rubbish like Twilight.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr souflizzle317 said…
i know! i was a harry potter fan since i was in kindergarten (parents owning bookshop=i learned how to read at age 3 haha) and all through elementary school, i was *the* harry potter fan. if anyone had any question about it at all, they came to me :) but now that i feel so bad for going to the dark side, even it was for less than a year, i feel like i have to defend harry potter even more strongly than i used to.

george weasley: you haven't got a letter on yours. i suppose she thinks you don't forget your name. but we're not stupid — we know we're called Gred and Forge

inspiration for so many usernames i have on random websites :) (if anyone goes on HPFF - harrypotterfanfiction.com, i'm there: gredandforge4ever!!!)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr haropuff95 said…
ordian17,what do you mean by they have brains?But scientifically they do,just that constant inhalation of poisonous gaseous from unwanted stuffs in toilet can cause brain damage,right?or least oxygen turns someone mental state unstable.

close of sarcasm here.

1658.if anyone goes to the first page of this forum,they'll see the first post is "no way,Twilight rocks",but when they scroll to the last page,they'll see we've got 1658 ways why Harry Potter is better than Twilight.

1659.the second post for this forum is:"agreed,I've got 1000 reasons as well why twilight is better than HP".Next,if anyone goes to the "1000 reasons why Twilight is better than HP",all they'll get is 10+ reasons why twilight is worser than HP.

1700.nessienjake,if u know who I'm talking about.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr XDRoseLuvsHP said…
1661. I've never heard any HP fan resort down to the excuse "YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS OF JK" in defense of HP.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr souflizzle317 said…
1662. In the book Richard Lederer's Literary Trivia (a bunch of trivia about real literature and their authors such as edgar allan poe, jrr tolkien-LOTR, c.s. lewis-narnia, mary shelley, mark twain etc), JKR/Harry Potter appears exactly 5 times (meaning there were 5 trivia things about it). There was no mention of Twilight anywhere :)

1663. Been mentioned before, but I'm sort of adding to it: Charlie and Renee don't give a shit about Bella. Sorry Twilighters, but it's true. No parents are that laidback about their kids, especially 17 year old girls with boyfriends. Not only is Harry only alive because his parents loved him so much that they sacrificed themselves, but he has so many parental figures in his life who love him as their own son. Molly and Arthur Weasley, Sirius, sort of Remus, Dumbledore (more of a grandfather than parent but same thing), and so many more. Even some of the teachers care extremely deeply for him, even if they're too reserved to show it most times (ex: McGonagall)

1664. going back to1662, if a Twilighter saw mention of Twilight or Stephenie Meyer in a literary trivia book, they would just flip out and consider it proof that Edward is hot enough to be literature. on the other hand, the first time I saw JKR's name in that book, I knew I would be using it as a reason on this forum :)

XDRoseLuvsHP: so true!!!! i never thought about that before, but you made me realize how many times I've heard a Twilighter use that defense (with smeyer though, obviously)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr potterrox said…
seriously, whats to be jealous of?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr souflizzle317 said…
exactly! smeyer has NOTHING worth being jealous of
Vor mehr als einem Jahr XDRoseLuvsHP said…
It's hilarious! If I WERE jealous of her (which I'm not) then I would be even more jealous of JK. However, I'm not. I love JK's work. It doesn't make sense. I will never understand Twi-logic *shakes head confusedly*.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr sequincircus said…
1665. Twilight promotes (perhaps unintentional) Eurocentric modes of thinking. Edward is the heroic white-male Christian with inherent perfection bestowed upon him. Jacob and First Nations character is portrayed as a aggressive, forceful almost-rapist who always comes up lacking when compared next to the white 'norm'.

Harry Potter promotes notions of civil rights moments from it's metaphors of the mudblood/pureblood dichotomy, the Centaurs, House Elves and Goblins. And of course, Ms. Granger's insightful perspectives on these matters.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr souflizzle317 said…
1666. (sort of a combination of a bunch of different reasons) JKR used mythological creatures and kept them the way they were supposed to be. Smeyer used them, but made them totally mellow and unrealistic. in particular, werewolves. in Harry Potter, the werewolves are shunned by the rest of the Wizarding and realistically, they should be (not that Lupin deserves it at all.) honestly, if werewolves were a part of normal life, i would be scared shitless of them too (sorry Lupin...) in twilight, the "werewolves" (technically shape-shifters) are adored members of the Quileute tribe and Bella doesn't think twice about being close to them.

Besides, Lupin pwns Jacob any day :)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr cromulanfav said…
1667. This forum is so good that i actually read all 46 page, all 1666 reasons, while i couldn't stand on Twilight forum 5 minutes reading their non-exist reasons.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ForteMystery said…
1668. Overall morals. Harry Potter has taught us the only thing that can overpower evil is love, death is just another journey, and sometimes we have to sacrifice things in order protect the ones we love, while Twilight taught us...the importance of having a boyfriend.
1669. The books. The Harry Potter series defined my generation and will define many others while Twilight's a fad, and will fade eventually.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr souflizzle317 said…
"1669. The books. The Harry Potter series defined my generation and will define many others while Twilight's a fad, and will fade eventually."

fortemystery, SO TRUE. the first book came out in the US when i was 3 and DH came out when i was 11. not to mention all the movies, and part 2 of DH will come out around when i'm 16. so i'm literally growing up with harry potter defining my childhood and i'll read it to my kids (when i have them) and grandkids and it will be just as much literature to me as lord of the rings, treasure island, little women etc.

anyway, these are long but please read them anyway :)

1670. adding to a reason, the characters DEVELOP. someone mentioned that bella and alice's friendship doesnt go anywhere and it's true. all the characters are supposedly "frozen" so none of them develop. the first two people who pop into my mind when i think about this are neville and luna. in the first 4 books, neville's this sort of dorky chubby kid who's horrible at magic. but in OOTP, neville joins the DA and goes off to fight in the department of mysteries. when we first meet luna in OOTP, it seems like she's this ditzy, insane girl but throughout the last 3 books, she becomes a really close friend to the trio, ginny, and neville and she is a big part of fighting for what's right.

1671. JKR inspired me to start writing and i've been writing ever since i first read the first harry potter. smeyer made me want to stop.

1672. every single line has importance. for example: "for a fleeting instant, harry thought he saw a gleam of something like triumph in dumbledore's eyes." -GOF, as harry's telling dumbledore what happened in the graveyard. i don't know about anyone on here, but that line drove my friends and me crazy for so long. we couldn't decide if dumbledore was secretly evil because dumbledore was "triumphant" that voldemort had been able to touch harry. nothing happened in reference with that line until JKR finally brought it back in DH. after reading the 7th book, it was finally clear that dumbledore was happy because if harry's blood ran in voldemort's veins, then if voldemort killed harry, he would die too because of lily's sacrifice that ran in harry's blood.

sorry that was long, i just had to explain everything :)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr mooimafish17 said…
Hermione means pillar-queen in ancient Greek, the idea of one woman having the strength to hold up an empire. It suits our Hermione as she is strong and brave, she wants, not needs a man. Bella Swan means beautiful swan but this is shown through the description of her. The name is unimaginative and cheep.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr souflizzle317 said…
that was 1673 so,

1674. adding to a really broad reason: smeyer makes rules, and then breaks them. she states that vampires are frozen the way they were when they're bitten. then how is it possible for edward to learn more languages and study so much, if his mind is frozen exactly the same? if they're frozen, then esme should've been in horrible shape from jumping off a cliff, rosalie should be in even worse shape from being beaten and raped, emmett should have huge gashes from being mauled by a bear, edward should still have influenza, and bella should have a broken back and a burst open stomach.

jkr makes rules and sticks to them. ex: in book 1, they get notices at the end of the year telling them not to use magic at home because it's illegal. in book 7, IT'S STILL ILLEGAL and harry got into trouble several times with the ministry for using magic while underage.

1675. in twilight, the vampires are bitten, go through 3 days of pain and then voila, they automatically are perfect. they have speed, beauty, vision, and usually extra powers without any work. in harry potter, the wizards start out knowing no magic at all and they have to work at it for seven years of schooling to learn. it's not only more realistic, it's also more interesting to watch them progress :)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr mooimafish17 said…
Souflizzle i love your reasons there so detailed, it obvious you have so much passion for this series.

1676. The fact the J.K Rowling went to i-don't-know how many publishers (9 i think) before the books were put out. In Twilight they clearly saw a one-hit-wonder and jumped on the band-wagon
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LoveforSeverus said…
Sorry i've been away for a week but here's whats went down if you wanna know...
3 weeks ago i was volunteering at the shelter and this puupy came in and i fell in love. I kept calling him "Draco" because of Harry Potter and Draco is latin for "Dragon". He looked like a dragon :)

anyway he was adopted but last monday he was brought back and i wasn't going to let him go again so i reasoned with mom and she let me take him home!!! but thursday he got Parvo (if you don't know what that is just know that it kills about 30% of puppies it infects) and i thought he was gonna die. so sunday + monday night he had to stay in the Emergency Room (puppy style) and so he came home today and everything is great. So long story short, I now have a puppy named Draco. and he's amazing!!!!!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LoveforSeverus said…
^sorry that the last comment was so offtopic but i would like to ask something of us (please don't kill me): lets try and understand the enemy, in other words, TRY to defend Twilight... so then we have MORE reasons why HP is better
"the love in Twilight"
It's not love it's lust. If you would like real love then go read Harry Potter. Many people gave/would've given their lives because they LOVED someone. (Hermionie/ron, james/lily, harry/ginny, colin creevy, luna, molly, narcissa, etc. etc.)

idk if we actually do it but i thought it might give us a better understanding, after all, i was always told "It's good to understand the other side... then you have more to fight with"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr XDRoseLuvsHP said…
Actually, going back to your Bella Swan meaning Beautiful Swan comment, did you know that swans are actually vicious creatures? They are beautiful from afar, but they will attack you if you get too close. Several of my friends have been attacked by swans. So maybe the name does suit her after all.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr mooimafish17 said…
haha, maybe your right but she would just get eddie-kins to save her.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr souflizzle317 said…
haha thanks mooimafish17 :) harry potter's been a huge part of my life since my aunt and uncle sent me the 1st movie for my 5th birthday and i picked up the book the day after.

LoveforSeverus, thats adorable! what kind of puppy is it?

anyway, back on topic:

1677. not as important, but harry potter teaches that girls and boys *can* be really good friends without falling in love (harry & hermione, neville & hermione, harry & luna etc) in twilight, girls are friends with girls and guys hang out with the girls so they can ask them out.

1678. harry is possibly the most intentionally deprived child in the beginning of his life. his aunt and uncle give him dudley's old clothes, he eats barely enough to survive, and he lives underneath the stairs. bella, on the other hand, is clearly spoiled. her mother let her do practically whatever she wanted growing up and charlie got her a car and then let her go off and do whatever she wanted then as well

1679. even the characters in harry potter who are on the same side get into arguments. hermione & ron for one, harry and remus get into a huge argument in DH, and percy abandons his whole family. in twilight, no one argues except "good" against "evil". and no, "oh no alice is kidnapping me" doesn't count as an argument.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr mooimafish17 said…
LoveforSeverus congrats that is soo cute. (I think we need a bit of love after all the hate going on here!!)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LoveforSeverus said…
Thanks guys :D He is a Plott Hound (ever herd of it? neither had i)
and I KNOW personally that swans are evil. One bit me when i was 3 because i was trying to feed it. and then it wouldn't let go... so my dad had to literally kick it off of me.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr potterrox said…
LoveforSeverus: Hahaha! Me 2. I havn't actually been mauled by a swan, thank god, but I have witnessed one. It was gory... We might finally get a puppy this summer and now I'm even more pumped. And welcome back!
Maybe Bella's name means that she is deceptively beautiful, because she really is selfish and manipulative. If it was intentional (which i hightly doubt) my respect for smeyer would go up a few notches
Vor mehr als einem Jahr souflizzle317 said…
haha potterrox it was probably intentional, but not in that way. smeyer probably just thought "oh, bella=beautiful. swan=beautiful creature. my book revolves around good looks, so i'll name my main character bella swan"

the huge importance of looks to the storyline of twilight just makes me sick. looks are *not* everything. just look at snape. he's such a deep character. he has a tortured past - unrequited love - and he does such an amazing job at being a spy but (in the books at least) he's described to have greasy hair and a hook nose and basically, he supposed to be not much to look at.

if i ever met smeyer, i would grab her shoulders and shake her and yell "LOOKS ARE NOT EVERYTHING, WOMAN!" if there were actual reasons why bella and edward were "in love" and edward wasn't the abusive b*****d he is, the series would be a lot better than it is.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LoveDraco123 said…
Soulflizzle317, I love your reasons. =)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr souflizzle317 said…
1680. JKR put effort into the names of characters, even the ones so minor that they're only in the epilogue. I don't remember if it's official because I can't find it again but I read somewhere that JKR named Ron and Hermione's son Hugo because of Victor Hugo, the author of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Hermione dated *Viktor* Krum, so JKR took that and twisted it to Victor Hugo, and named Hermione's son Hugo. And I'm sorry, I don't remember the reason for Rose, but there *was* one, I promise! Anyway, I always remembered the Viktor/Victor Hugo one and I thought that was clever :)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr lilymaus343 said…
big smile
1681 A friend of mine who absolutely loves tearjerker got sick by watching the Twilight film because it was soooooo trashy! I think that says faaar to much!!!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr grainne93 said…
LoveForSeverus: thats so sweet about your pup! my puppys name is Fred in memory of Fred Weasley :]
Vor mehr als einem Jahr mooimafish17 said…
1682 - Harry Potter has wisdom but twilight has trash.