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lauracullen66 posted on Aug 27, 2009 at 01:29PM
just start at one and see if you can get 1000

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr DracoFanGirl said…
Lupin must always point out the Polyjiuce Potion thing... Haropuff: Sirius = hot concvicted murderer, wizard, Harry's godfather, Animagus, and FRIEND. How many Twilight characters have actual, good friends? Remember Sirius says he'd rather DIE than BETRAY his friends?
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr MFC_34 said…
I guess this would be 1207...
The friendships between the trio (harry ron and harmonie) is so more realistic and loving. How many best friends don't fight or argue. I did like jacob's and bella's friendship but bella's and alice's...so awful no development it just kind of happened I know she's sweet or whatever but come on!
I didn't read all the pages so I hope it's not a repeat
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Amy3422 said…
Hey! Is it really past 100 already? These might have been said but it's impossible to avoid repitition.
1206. Although Twilight's primarily about love, Harry Potter has more of it: Harry/Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, the Weasleys, the D.A., the order, Harry/Dumbledore, Harry/Sirius, Lily/Harry/James to name only a few. Even the badguys have some loving relationships: Narcissa/Draco.

1207. All of these relationships seem to run much deeper than those in Twilight.

Vor mehr als einem Jahr haropuff95 said…
DracoFanGirl:I remember precisely,even his tone when he says it in the movie.Sirius is a perfect older brother,I would rather have him than Eddykins.And Sirius is good looking too,very good looking <3
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LilysLittleTwin said…
Uh huh. I'd take him as a brother or something else ;) Just listen to him, he was ready to kill some rat.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr LunaIsLove said…
1209) JKR actually knows what an adverb is. SMeyer on the other hand, does not. Read this page link there is an Adverb count for each chapter of twilight. Here is a quote from the site

"Okay guys, here it is.

Twilight has an average of 250 words per page. Actually, the pages surveyed were all a little eerily close to 250. Maybe she really did have a quota. Anyway, there are 498 pages, subtracting 12 for the difference in chapter end and chapter start pages, giving us 486.

According to my counts, there are more than 1360 adverbs in this book, an average of 3 per page. Given that the average page is 250 words long, we would have nearly six pages of just adverbs. One of her actual chapters is shorter than this.

Talk to your kids about adverbs."

Kinda sad, but just make me consider JKR a better writer

1210) The fan fiction for HP, although enjoyable and well written at times and hysterical in its absurdity at others, does not compare to the actual story. I have seen Twilight fan fiction that is so amazing, I would have loved the story had they written it. Yet again a personal opinion but it is a sad day when fan fiction beats the original article in someone's mind.

1211) Bella should be beaten with a stick and be getting help. She hears VOICES. Even Hermione says "Even in the wizarding world, hearing voices isn't a good thing" Schizophrenia is nothing to shrug off in any capacity. It just adds another notch for me as to why Potter is better because I think treatment should be sought out or at least recognized as something not right.

1212) Harry has his moments of teenage angst (There were times I wanted to tell him to not be a prick in the 5th book) Bella never shuts up. Shut up about your freaking HOLE in your chest. We know its there, quit reminding us! It annoys me that she never seeks help but just wallows through the entirety of the books. Harry keeps pushing and it doesn't define his character.

(On a side note, Twilight is the only book I read out of spite. I have read all 4 just to argue it. Certain parts were ok. And I agree that the wolf pack was interesting. I would never re-read them though. I have however read the fifth HP book enough times to break the spine of the hardcover. Also, read every single page and stayed up past 3 am to do so and this is amusing)
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr haropuff95 said…
LunaIsLove:nice job,u surely are a Ravenclaw,*pat you on the shoulder*..=]

LilysLittleTwin:turn out the rats are The Cullens with Bella & Nessie,*cross fingers*..er..I mean,"oops,did I said that?"
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LunaIsLove said…
Haropuff95: Thank you! Yes, I am a Ravenclaw, all the way! Is it that obvious? (Other than my clear favorite character is Luna, a fellow Ravenclaw)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr StarDrop said…
This isn't a real reason so I won't count it. I finished the harry potter books on Canada day, that day I play harry potter with my cousins. The next at Canada day I saw some little kids playing harry potter it made me feel happy.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Mrs-Grint said…
LunaIsLove: YAY!! ANOTHER RAVENCLAW! Technically speaking I'm a SlytherClaw (Slytherin and Ravenclaw CONJOINED!!)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr XDRoseLuvsHP said…
1213: Since when does depressed = selfless? I mean, sure, depressed people can be selfless, but selfless is a LOT more than just depression. So that means that none of the "selfless" characters in Twilight are truly selfless, because they are self centered, arrogant, cowardly and just plain mean/abusive, not to mention other things.

In Harry Potter, just to name a few selfless people are Harry, Snape, Lily, Molly, Luna, Neville, Hermione, Ron, Lupin, Dumbledore, Dobby and more. (Look at how much they all sacrificed to make it a better world. They went through so much pain and fear and suffering, yet they did not give up. That is pretty selfless in my opinion.)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr DracoFanGirl said…
1213: Acters in HP can actually GET INTO CHARACTER. I think Gary Oldman did great with Sirius, except that Sirius has black hair that's suppose to be down to his elbows (according to PoA). Alan Rickman did lvoely with Snape, even if he was wearing a wig. X3
And, have we resurrected Sirius yet?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Pensieve_Seeker said…
1215. Top critics of rottentomatoes.com gave New Moon a freshness rating of 38%. They gave Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince a freshness rating of 87%. (Anything below 60% is considered rotten.)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr haropuff95 said…
LunaIsLove-I don't know about other people but for you,its rather obvious.How can't I recognized fellow Ravenclaw,when I myself is one?But I'm more of a Gryffinclaw=Gryffindor+Ravenclaw
Pensieve_Seeker-thanks for your charity!it gives me this inspiration
1216.HP6 got 83% mark at rottentomato.com for the film rank & thus the grade is fresh while Twilight Saga is 28% with the grade is slat or slut or whatever it is..

1217.Harry Potter films are listed fourth in buzzsugar.com's top 20 Favorite Movies of the Decade.Where's Twilight?the film Dark Night is also out in 2oo8 but already 2nd on the list.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LunaIsLove said…
big smile
Haropuff95- Yeah, Kinda always has been. I think I have been a Ravenclaw in every test I ever took since I was nine when I started reading the books. That or Gryffindor (Ravenclaw predominantly). Yay fellow Ravenclaw or Ravenclaw combos! (Goes out to Mrs Grint as well)

Vor mehr als einem Jahr LilysLittleTwin said…
1217. I don't believe the HP movies have made you go back into Twilight and have a party over a death. (WHOOO!! YOU GO, VOLDY! MURDER THAT FUTURE DISCO-BALL! Like that.)

1218. There are strong females to look up to. Bellatrix, Molly, Ginny, Hermione, Luna, etc. While all Bella wants to do is die and make love to Edward for the rest of eternity.

1219. (I COUNT IT ANYWAY!) My mom was confused about the number of books, she thought there were only three. I explained that there were four: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. She was shocked and angry that the 'plot' (if you could call it that) could carry on for that long.

1220. Twilighters accuse us (HPfans) of being rude. When they say: 'are u @!$#in kidding me ur such a @!$#ing idiot' is that not wrong? (P.S. That was a quote from my experiences from Sodahead.com)

1221. Lauren is depicted as evil just because she doesn't like Bella. People can't have a different opinion than Bella?

Also, I have a confession to make...my half-cousin likes Twilight...*goes off to cry and write emo poetry*
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Mrs-Grint said…
LilysLittleTwin, my younger sister and OLDER sister love Twilight, and I have to live with one of them, so does my cousin. I feel your pain.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr wokawaii said…
(I don't know which number this is, haha)
Harry Potter has much more depth and emotion to it besides Twilight. Some Twilight fans may argue, "But in New Moon Bella was sad about Edward leaving her" I laugh at that. Does that really compare to losing almost everybody you love? I felt like I grew up with Harry Potter. At first I watched the movies when I was young, I wasn't really into reading. But then when I was around 11 I read the books and fell in love with the Harry Potter series. Not only did I fall in love with the books, but I also fell in love with reading in general. When I read Twilight I did not feel the same as when reading Harry Potter. I felt like I wanted to put the book down. In fact, it took me a few months to finish the book because I had to put it down due to it's terrible literature. It sounds like a 5th grade fangirl wrote it (Sorry if I offended any 5th grade fangirls when I compared your writing style to that of Stephenie Meyers).
Vor mehr als einem Jahr newtscholar8 said…

I dont know if this has been said or not but.....

Ok so how believable was lupin when he turned into a werewolf?
He did not care who his friends were , he was willing to hurt anyone. When Lupin was a werewolf I believed it. Not Jacob. In New Moon bella even commands him to do something and he obeys. He also sees her and doesnt attack. Just look how the two movies depicted the werewolves. Harry potter made them look scary and dangerous. Example Fenir Greyback he showed no mercy and attacked Lupin as a child. Lupin was willing attack his best friend and Harry and Hermoine.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr DracoFanGirl said…
1223: HP was heard of before the movies; I found Twilight after the movie came out.

1224: Since WHEN is 'marshmallow' an insult? We have...
(filthy) Mudblood (Slytherins, mostly Draco, and Death Eaters)
bloak (varity of characters)
prat (variety of characters)
foul loathsome evil little cockroach (Hermoine called Draco this)
evil little gargoyle (Hermoine said this about Umbridge)
oaf (Draco said this about Hagrdi)
horrible old hag (Sirius said this about his mother)
stupid idiot (Sirius said this about Regulus)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LilysLittleTwin said…
1225. Shades of grey. In Twilight, everyone is either all good or all evil, or so the book portrays them. In HP, 1. Severus Snape: no one knew until his death that he was good, even then he had a twisted past, entwined with the Death Eaters; 2. Albus Dumbledore: the patron of the Order or 'good side', he had a past with Grindlewald, the most evil Dark wizard, only passed by Voldemort himself; and finally 3. Harry Potter himself, at times, he wondered whether or not he WAS good. For instance when he confronted Sirius about this, and he also asked Dumbledore. (I think, I forget.)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr haropuff95 said…
1226.Harry Potter series grow from one book to another,how extraordinary that compared to being fed by the "I love a sparkly vampire because he's so hot" through 4 books?
1227.Twilight characters have to be good-looking so that people would like them,how morale is that?
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr hermionie_rocks said…
1228. The Twilight series could've been written by a monkey. Harry Potter is very thought out and well written. I used to think that harry potter was stupid. i mean it was just a bunch of wizards.(That was before i actually saw one of the movies or read the books.) but when i saw one of the movies and read the books, i thought that it was the best thing in the world.

1229.I prctically grew up with harry potter. Twilight is just this stupid new fad for 12 year old girls. Kinda like hannah montana. i personally think that twilight is the stupidest thing created. i mean, sparkling vampires, come on.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LoveforSeverus said…
I couln't take it anymore i had to join. so to stay true to this forum-thing
1230. Harry Potter is about everything Twilight is only it doesn't but shame on the name of "vampire" or "werewolf" or anything.
1231. When i read twilight i was like "this is so boring" by the 3rd page. but in Harry Potter i was on the 3rd page and in love and mom had to yank the book out of my hand to get me to go to bed.

and Lilyslittletwin omg i love ur reasons and you got me into Ministry Of Magic. !!!!!!!!!!! lol and i am a Lilingitimus (can anyone teach me how to spell that???)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LoveforSeverus said…
1232. The face that we have spent so much time doing this and replying to this. We really feel strong about Harry Potter/Twilight. i know i do. there is no plot in Twilight. its a sick teenage fantasty..ever notice its always "lets kill the Voultari or lets have sex"?!?!?!?! its GROSS

Slytherin pride baby! i LOVE Severus Snape btw. as if you couldn't tell...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr DracoFanGirl said…
LoveforSeverus, I COULD NOT tell you liked him AT ALL. XD

1233: Mum has to yank the HP books out of my hands and take them. If she takes the one i'm reading, I'll pick up another or put in the movie. XD Being I have all 6 movies, 7 books, and Socercer's Stone for GBA...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Mrs-Grint said…
1234. I read the Harry Potter books non-stop, I had hardly any sleep inbetween. I WANTED to put them down, but I couldn't, I wanted to know what happend next.

1235. I didn't read Eclipse, waaaaaaaay too boring.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr XDRoseLuvsHP said…
1236. Just because you ride a motorcycle doesn't make you bad@$$. She is still pathetic and doesn't even like motorcycling, she only does it because she wants to hear Edwards voice.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr XDRoseLuvsHP said…
1237. EVERY GIRL in Twilight is beautiful. Did you notice that? Can you name just one girl in Twilight who isn't beautiful?

In Harry Potter, you have girls who aren't so pleasant to look at. A major example of this is Hermione, the main female character. Emma Watson's a beauty, but in the books, Hermione is described as having bushy hair, thick glasses and buck teeth. Yet she still finds true love with Ron.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LoveforSeverus said…
ya @dracofangirl just making sure! :) and XDRoseLuvsHP you're very right. Not every girl is beautiful and Smeyer can't get it across her thick skull that imperfections are what makes people so BEAUTIFUL.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Mrs-Grint said…
XDRoseLuvsHP, Hermione doesn't have thick glasses. Are you talking about Moaning Myrtle?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr XDRoseLuvsHP said…
Hmm... may have gotten it confused. I though I read that in Philosophers Stone, but I might be mistaken... either way, she's not supposed to be pretty, it's her personality that makes us love her.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LilysLittleTwin said…
LoveforSevers: Glad I could convert another to Wrock :)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LoveforSeverus said…
LilysLittleTwin i'm glad i was converted :-) my favorite song is "Bravest Man I Ever Knew" by Ministry Of Magic. that song rocks
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LoveforSeverus said…
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LilysLittleTwin said…
It does! For a week I watched The Black Sisters vid of it for phoney 'Grief Counseling' five times a day. Check out 'Slytherin Pride' by Draco and the Malfoys.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr gryffindorgal14 said…
1238. Bella is just plainly a blank character. I mean, blank. seriously. when I started reading Twilight, I was starting to think, 'okay, so you're average, don't play sports, uncoordinated, no talent, not even sociable.what do you do? ' It was confirmed by one of the english teachers i struck a conversation with.

1239. Harry Potter is a WORLD, and that world has expanded out. Confused? Wizard Rock. Potter Puppet Pals. The Harry Potter Theme Park. A REAL recipe for Butterbeer and Pumpkin Cookies(link and link).

1240. The flaws of every character, their imperfections, and the fact that good characters are wiped out, that portrays a REAL picture of life. Let's face it--all of us have our negative qualities and bad sides. Good people die in our lives--take mine for example, my grandmother, who was the closest person to me on earth, passed on when I was just eleven(and waiting for my Hogwarts letter). My mother going abroad to work when I was twelve. That's life, isn't it? JK Rowling shows life as it is, with all the imperfections and tragedies and the lessons we learn through it.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LoveforSeverus said…
LilysLittleTwin TELL ME MORE! I'm a Slytherin through and through. So if you have any "Slytherin Pride" things i am SO there :-)

i want to continue the planning of this Twitard revolt. I took your sugestion of going to youtube and looking up the twilight burning and although i'm not a fan of burning books, it felt really good :-/
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LoveDraco123 said…
1241. Harry Potter teaches us about love, bravery, friendship, how good conquers evil, how women should be independent. Twilight teaches us:
1) Teenage pregnancy is okay.
2) Marrying at 18 is okay.
3) Having a boyfriend who watches you sleep is okay.
4) And if he's not there to watch you sleep, jump off a cliff.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr DracoFanGirl said…
Not exactly a reason, but... Look at the wizard rock bands:
Ministry of Magic
Harry and the Potters
Draco and the Malforys
The Remus Lupins
The Parselmouths

I have listened to them all except Harry and the Potters. Im listening to Gryffindor Rally Cry, but i'm a Slytherin.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr lily_pad246 said…
1242.All that needs to be said it Twilight=insanely stupid and
Harry Potter=brilliant

1243.You can learn something from harry potter, but when i read the twilight books i could actually feel my IQ drop!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr DracoFanGirl said…
1244: The names in HP mean something. Sirius, Bellatrix, and Regulus are all the names fo stars. Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore is jsut genius.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr DracoFanGirl said…
1245: The canon couples in HP make sense. And the real ones, too. My top favorties (canon and non):
1. Severus x Lily
2. Neville x Luna
3. Neville x Hermoine
4. Harry x Hermoine
Vor mehr als einem Jahr DracoLove777 said…
LoveforSeverus: Bravest Man I Ever Knew is my favorite song too! As a matter of fact(I'm totally serious on this) when I read your post I was listening to it.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LilysLittleTwin said…
Mrs-Grint, if you're reading this, your comments on the debate forum have made me start a somewhat-RPG-like thing down in the Harry Potter forum. It should be up by the end of the day. What? I like to take things too far. I need a friend to help me get it off the ground, so if anyone's interested...
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr GoldenFairy said…
Just had to join in :)

1246. Bella, our 'heroine' chooses to become immortal so she can stare at Edward's beautiful body forever. Voldemort our villain chooses to become immortal because of he's fear of death and so he continue to control the wizarding world. Seems like Bella and Voldie have a lot in common.

1247. Would any Twilight fans want to be friends with Bella or Edward if they actually met them?

1248. I'm considering sending JKR a letter telling her how great HP is. I want to send my copy of TS back to Meyer with a letter of complaint.

1249. The majority of the HP cast actually like the books! RPattz and Kristen Stewert obviously don't want to be there.

1250. Characteristics valued in Harry Potter are loyalty, bravery and intelligence. In Twilight people only value looks.

1251. Harry Potter has a great balance between fantasy and things muggles can relate to.

1252. Some people read Twilight for the lulz or just so they have a reason to hate it.

1253. I don't want to go to Forks, I'm still disapointed that I didn't get my Hogwarts letter.

1254. Twilight just has romance, Harry Potter has all sorts of relationships: families, friends, enemies and Snape and Harry. They hate each other but Snape protects him and in the end Harry respects Snape.

1255. JKR admitted not everyone would like the ending of HP7 before it's release. Meyer responded to criticism of Breaking Dawn by saying, "fans need time to accept the ending of Breaking Dawn." (link) Personally I think it's disrespectful to her fans.

That's all for now but I'll be back!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr nati30 said…
:P this is fun...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr arauld said…
big smile
55. Harry Potter just plain ROX MY SOX OFF man!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr piperlovegood said…
Here is a hufflepuff's openion it might have been said already,

56: The movies: The first Harry Potter movie made me want to read the book. (I was anti-potter before, because I'm anti-fads) The Twilight movie confirmed the book isn't worth my time and the fad is not worth breaking my rule of avoiding things my peers are obsessed with.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr GoldenFairy said…
1257. I don't have any quotes but I think JKR has said things about reading inspiring her writing whereas Stephanie Meyer has said basically the opposite. "Stephenie’s favorite people to talk to are:....People who say, “You made me want to stop writing.” She said she knows this sounds weird, but whenever she reads a REALLY good book, she thinks to herself, “I could never write a book that good. I should just give up!”"