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I read the twilight saga and i loved it i was a twihard for a while yes, but was Mehr fond of the voltori than anything else, When i read Harry Potter and the philosophers stone, i became addicted in its content, i read the Bücher one Von one and read them again, i like twillight, yes, but there is no doubt i prefar Harry Potter, i also read all the Hunger Games Bücher and was a tribute, still Harry Potter is my life and soul. Jk.rowling has an imagnation unlike many i know, the Bücher depth and detail is unbelivable, i just wish it never had to end, Du have to read all the Bücher oder Du wont fully...
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posted by TeamSiriusBlack
I did not write this!

Things not to do at Hogwarts! (Well...not unless Du have Harry's invisibility mantel and the Marauders' Map oder Du are Fred and/or George)

1. No matter how good a fake Australian accent I can do, I will not imitate Steve Irwin during Care of Magical Creatures class.

2. Growing Marihuana oder hallucinogenic mushrooms is not an extra credit project for Herbology.

3. “I’ve heard every possible joke about Oliver Wood’s name” is not a challenge.

4. The Giant Squid is not an appropriate datum to the Yule Ball.

5. I will not use Umbridge’s quill to write “I told Du I was...
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posted by XDRoseLuvsHP
Edward Cullen. A sparkling "vegetarian" vampire who is supposed to represent the "perfect boyfriend". He's hot, strong, fast, and he lives forever! What could be wrong?

Well, a lot, I'm afraid.

Edward Cullen is not, I repeat, is not a good boyfriend. He is actually an abusive boyfriend. Before I go on to offer proof as to why Edward is abusive, I will clarify what I mean Von "abusive".

What is an abusive boyfriend?

There are different kinds of abuse. Many people think of a boy who actually beats up his girlfriend. That is physical abuse. There is also psychological abuse. This includes emotional...
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posted by SiRiUsLy_bLaCk
Stephenie Meyer explicitly pointed out that "feminism" is "being able to choose." I agree with this entirely; the right to choose is important.

But the right to choose is only part of the question. When gegeben the chance to choose, which path do we choose? Do we choose to let men into our lives and still maintain our independence, oder do we choose to allow men to dominate our lives, both physically and psychologically?

In the case of Bella Swan, she chose the Sekunde path.

In my opinion, choosing that road is no different from choosing at all. Choices, as we all know, teilt, split into right and wrong....
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Well, lately I have come across a variation of the following sentence a lot:

"Harry Potter is better than Twilight because Twilight gives a lot of bad messages"

I won't deny the message gegeben Von Twilight is an awful one and easy to spot, but Harry Potter also has its share of bad messages, and whats worse is that it is conceived between lines. There's an extense Debatte among psychologist on the validity of subliminal messages, but that I will not discuss.
Following I will list, in my opinion, the (bad) messages each book gives.

Let's begin with the easier one, Twilight:

1. Looks tell a lot about...
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Before Du read anything: I happen to enjoy both HP AND T. I also happen to think HP is a billion times better. This is just my opinion. No need to freak out about this article. I am NOT trying to undermine T fans' opinions, I am just stating why I (and at least a few others) get annoyed with T fans.

So most of the posts on here have to do with of course, Harry Potter vs Twilight. But after skimming through comments, I found a shocking amount of crazy responses from twilight fans. This got me thinking. Maybe the reason this fued has grown so large is not because of the question: Is Harry Better,...
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posted by SpecialAgentKat
*I used to like Twilight until I started really Lesen it and it seemed like the Mehr I heard oder read into it, the Mehr negative things I would find. This is coming from an unbiased point of view; Me being a Fan of Harry Potter has nothing to do with my opinion.

Why I hate Twilight and think it is a bad example of love:
•     Bella is incredibly disrespectful, insensitive, and rude to her own parents. She even calls them Von their first names. She thinks her dad is a ‘dumb*** and constantly says he can’t look after himself and she calls her own mother an idiot all because...
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These are a bunch of funny alternate endings to Harry Potter I found. I did NOT write them.

Scooby Doo ending: Voldemort is captured, and is revealed to be Filch wearing a mask. As he is hauled away, he shouts, “And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for Du meddling kids!”

South Park ending: After defeating Voldemort, Harry and Ron address the audience, saying, “You know, I’ve learned something today.” Suddenly, Ginny is run over Von the Knight Bus, prompting Ron to shout, “They killed Ginny!” Harry responds, “You bastards!” Neville laughs and says it’s...
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twiligh is so better then harry poter becauz twilight is a LUV stoty and harry potter has no luve at all.it also has VAMPIREZ wich are REEL unlike wizards from hp. plus Du can realat to bella Mehr then hary becuz bella has FELLINGS. and do i even need to menchon edward? he is so SEXY. jakob is to. no one in harry potter is as hot as edward culen!! they had rober patenson in harry potter but that was the only reazon i watched it. twilight is also Mehr exiting then harry potteer. whoevr can balence out Liebe and exitment mmusr be a great writer! ans stefinie meyers came up with new creaturs and...
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I'll tell Du my story. I Liebe Harry Potter. For all the right reasons. So one Tag my friend loans me his Twilight DVD and the horror began.

I didn't like the movie. I thought the actors were too forced and forgot to take Schauspielen lessons but it was a laugh. I then realized that this horror was a series of books. My bookworm friend had all the Bücher and I borrowed it from her for a bit of light reading(*grin*).

All would have been fine and I wouldn't have existed on this site had it not been for the words she showed me on the back of the book that sagte 'Move over Harry Potter'. I Lost my remaining...
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posted by twilightlover73
Du say Twilight
I say Harry Potter
Du say vampires
I say wizards
Du say Jacob Black
I say Sirius Black
Du say Team Edward
I say Team Potter
Du say Robert Pattison
I’ll say “is Cedric Diggory”
Du say Robert Pattison is hot
I say James and Oliver Phelps are ~HOTTER
Du think Bella and Edward are the perfect dream couple?
I think that’s Ron and Hermione
Du say Isabella Swan
I say Bellatrix Lestrange
Du say Edward
I’ll say Harry, now STUPEFY!!!
posted by TrueTwi_hard
A lot of people ask me what my reasons are for liking Twilight. Because I am sicken of having to answer every single time, and because a couple of people told me to, I wrote an article.

Twilight changed my way of looking at things.
Sure... It's not real, but the book made me look at my opinion. My whole life would be different if it wasn't written. I'm not one of those Twilight Fans who only care about how hot Robert Pattinson is. The book changed me, not the movie. The twilight serie is a wonderful life-lesson wrapped in a beautiful story. I'm glad Miss. Meyer wrote it. These are my main reasons:...
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It's called "Daughter of Darkness" Von V.C. Andrews.

This book was just aweful. It's about a 17 Jahr old vampire girl named Lorelie Patio (Mary Sue alert!) whos only purpose in life is to be her Daddy's sex slave. This book is filled with shallow evaluations of beauty, anti feminism, poor morals, and disgusting turn of events.

Lorelie has three sisters who are manipulated and emotionally abused Von their father. The worst thing about it is that it's never seen as a bad thing. It's disguised as fatherly love. None of the characters recognize the manipulation oder abuse. Du have to read between the...
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posted by ImBooOK
Ok. now idc what side your on oder why Du choose your side. but i read a few remarks on edward not being a true vampire because "he acts girly" and someone used the f-- word (rude word for gay) now, if thats your `reasoning' then your fricken seeing the sky falling. im not hating on straight people but if Du think saying edward oder even the book itself is "gay" so it MUST suck then heres a little fun fact for ya. if Harry potter was gay would Du still read it? if Du hate gays fanfreakin-tabulous. but heads up rob pattinson is a straight man. do reaserch.
being gay doesnt make Du lesser then any straight person. sorry for bringing out some gay equality article, but seriouly those who know theyve sagte this grow up, defending H.P Von hating on twilight because Du think edward is gay doesnt serve Du well...uts a desgrace to H.P making Du guys look bad. try saying why Du think harry is better instead of playing the gay card. Kommentar if Du agree
1. The Schreiben is better

Is it f**k Stephanie Meyers is diabolical and quite frankly paint drying on a Wand is Mehr f**king exciting than her Schreiben and compared to Stephanie Meyers writing, J.K Rowling's Schreiben and detail about each and every character even if some of the characters are only briefly mentioned are absolutely genius

2. The Actors/Actresses who film the movie are talented

What a load of stier, bull for one Kristen Stewart can not act the emotion she shows throughout the entire saga is moody, moody and a little bit Mehr of moody and don't get me started on Robert Pattinson he's not that...
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posted by SpeedyGonzalez
I Speedy Gonzalez did not write this I merely copied and pasted it. The original may be found link.

I got Breaking Dawn on the Tag that it came out and was hoping that Meyer would somehow redeem the steadily deteriorating quality of the Twilight series. What a huge disappointment. I was even Mehr disappointed when I found out how Meyer was responding to the criticism towards it. Then I discovered that she was Schreiben Midnight Sun. I looked vorwärts-, nach vorn to that because, even though all of the Bücher suck, they are a guilty pleasure and Twilight was the best of all of them. Then she stopped writing...
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Note: This is my opinion, but I use facts from the book.You are Mehr than welcome to have a different opinion than my own and feel free to state it. I was not rude in this Artikel (and I use facts to support my reasoning) so please be curious and do the same :)

Not much is known about Ginny's education. Since Harry Potter is told in third person, and focuses entirely on Harry, Ginny tends to get pushed into the background. So, this part is all assumption.
We know she is an accomplished Bat-boogey hexer (it's why Slughorn took...
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Credit: www.the-leaky-cauldron.org. I didn't write this.

"This afternoon, I was lucky enough to be among 400 other movie Fans to attend a test screening of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" in Chicago, Illinois.
Rumors had been circuiting around the internet about this screening, but confirmation that it was Harry Potter didn't come until just before the film started. Since this was a working cut of the film, many effects and scenes were not finished. At least 50% of the special effects were still in the CGI rendering stage, and green screens were visible throughout the film. Also,...
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Whoa. Its the final battle already? It seems like this all started a week ago....which it did....so...yeah.
NOTE: I am a Twilight fan, so do not suggest that I think all Twilight Fans are crazy. I also think HP is better than Twilight, though. Just a little.
NOTE:I like HP and T, I am not trying to make fun of either, I'm just having fun with some of the ideas.
NOTE: okay, I'm just putting this note in to build suspense.
NOTE: This is it. The big one. The end. The last one. The one and only. The awesome one. The one that is the end. The climatic one. The one that, if Du do not read, will send...
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1. Sparkles.
2. Lust.
3. Super-whiny Mary Sues
4. Renestard, err I mean, Renesmee.
5. Swan. (no, not just BELLA Swan! Don't forget the better Bella, BELLATRIX!!!)
6. Jacob (no, not Jacob BLACK, because the surname of Black is in HP too!)
7. Mehr of Romeo and Juliet.
8. Edwart, *cough*, Edward Cullen.
9. Rosalie Hale.
10. Jasper Hale.
11. Alice Cullen.
12. Emmett Cullen.
13. Vampire Baseball.
14. Thesaurus Rape.
15. Stephenie Meyer (The hündin who wrote it all)
16. The Volturi.
17. Tyler's Van.
18. Imprinting.
19. Rated R-ness.
20. Unreal werewolves.
21. Horrible vampires.

That's all I got. So, there's 21, so what if that's kind of a whole lot? HP has Severus Snape! Beat that, Toilet!