Green Arrow Film News #2

DarthVibbert posted on Sep 26, 2007 at 06:22PM
Green Arrow Movie in the Works?
by Stax
March 9, 2001 -

According to E! Online columnist Anderson Jones, Hollywood producers are "sniffing around" at the DC Comics character Green Arrow as potential big screen material. Writer-director (and comics buff) Kevin Smith's (Dogma) recent revamp of the archery-adept superhero has been selling out from comic stands nationwide so this apparently has caught the attention of hit-craving Hollywood-types.

Since Warner Brothers owns the film rights to all of DC Comics' characters, I'd imagine they'd have to be involved in any potential live-action feature film version of The Green Arrow. No word yet on whether Smith will be involved on a Green Arrow film in any way. Smith was previously attached to produce the (never made) feature film version of the Vertigo comic Preacher. Vertigo is a part of DC Comics and, thus, Warner Brothers.

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