Green Arrow Film News #1

DarthVibbert posted on Sep 26, 2007 at 06:21PM
Green Arrow, Silver Screen
by Stax
May 3, 2001 -

Comics2Film recently chatted with producer Bill Todman, Jr. regarding a possible feature film version of the DC Comics character The Green Arrow. Todman, a co-producer on the Marvel/20th Century Fox comic book film X-Men, advised C2F that the Green Arrow filmmakers "are getting it ready to start preparing a screenplay. It's still very, very nascent a stage." No screenwriter is currently attached to pen the Green Arrow script. Todman did indicate that filmmaker Kevin Smith (Dogma), who is currently scripting DC's hit Green Arrow comic book revival, is "always a possibility (to script the film). I don't know yet."

E! Online columnist Anderson Jones recently suggested that it was the brisk sales of Smith's Green Arrow revamp that stirred Hollywood's interest in making a live-action Green Arrow movie. Todman contests that. C2F reports "that current movement on the film is completely independent of what's happening with Smith's comic."

– STAX hopes the filmmakers can pull off a contemporary movie where the hero wears green tights and uses archery to fight crime!

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