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Road to Happiness Part 11

He had been a fool. How could he ever let Nate make him break up with Blair? Chuck had been horrible to Blair, but that was all about to change. Seeing her again, put everything into perspective. There was no Chuck bass without Blair Waldorf. Blair completed him, and it was time he told her. He had a plan to win Blair back and destroy Nate in the process, and it was time to set it in motion.
One Week Later
Blair was still in bed, trying to sleep away her problems, when Dorota called her.
“Miss Blair, Du have a visitor.”
Who in god’s name was calling on her at 8:30 in the morning?
“Who is it?” Blair called back.
“A miss Serena.” Dorota told her.
Ugh! The hündin had nerve coming to see her. She had not spoken to Serena, since her stunning revelation, over a week ago.
Serena came into her room, and held her hand up like a traffic cop.
“Wait! Before Du throw me out, it’s time we talked.”
“We have nothing to talk about, Serena. I thought I made myself perfectly clear when I said, our friendship is over.” Blair huffed.
Serena went over to Blair’s bed, and sat on it.
“I need to tell Du a few things, and then Du can kick me out, if Du still want too.”
“Make it quick, Serena. I have better things to do, then to talk to a traitor.” She sagte icily.
“Okay.” Serena started, “First of all, I’m so sorry for all the pain I have caused you. It was unintentionally done. You’re my best friend Blair, and I Liebe you.”
Blair made a sound of utter disbelief in her throat, at this.
Serena continued, “It’s true, Blair. Dan’s asked me to marry him, and I’ve accepted his proposal. He knows I’m pregnant, and he also knows the baby isn’t his. I told him the father is some Zufällig guy, and not Nate. He can never know the father is Nate. Du won’t tell him, will you?”
Blair stared at her with anger. “Serena, Du seem to be forgetting, that I don’t care about you. So I don’t care if Du tell Dan oder not. I could care less, what Du do. I’m not going to tell Nate, because he doesn’t deserve to know. Nate has screwed me over for the last time, so your secret is safe, sicher with me.
Serena breathed a sigh of relief, before Blair continued, “Dan still wants your slutty ass, even though he knows you’re pregnant with someone else’s baby?”
Serena tried not to Zeigen how much Blair’s words hurt her.
“Yes, we’re getting married. I’m just grateful that he still wants me. Blair, the only reason I slept with Nate, is because I know you’re not in Liebe with him. That’s not an excuse, but it’s so obvious you’re still in Liebe with Chuck.”
“What? I’m not in Liebe with Chuck anymore.” Blair flustered.
“It’s evident just Von looking at you, Blair. Du still Liebe him, don’t you?” Serena asked.
Blair sighed once and nodded, confirming what Serena already knew.
“He still loves Du too, B.”
“No, he doesn’t. Chuck was never in Liebe with me, he told me that years ago.”
Serena chose not to argue with her.
“I know you’re never going to forgive me Blair, and I don’t expect Du too. What I did was awful, and I am so sorry. I need Du though, I’m going to need your help with raising the baby. I want Du to be a part of this child’s life. But, I’m sorry for all the torture I’ve put Du through lately.
Blair sighed, “ I know you’re sorry, Serena. I’m not ready to forgive you, I need time. I actually don’t know if I’ll ever be ready to forgive you, I just need to process this.”
“Of course Du do, Du know where to find me when you’re ready.”
Serena got up to leave, but before she did, she clutched Blair’s hand to hers.
After Serena left, Blair got up and dressed, she had a very important meeting to attend too. It was time to confront Nate about everything.
Fifteen Minuten later, she was in Nate’s house.
“Hi baby, how are you?” Nate asked sweetly.
Blair managed to put a forced smile on her face.
“I’m fine, sweetie. Just fine, except for the fact that I know you’re fucking my best friend.”
“What? He asked, smile vanishing.
“S, told me about everything, Nate.” Blair sagte sarcastically. “She felt guilty about it, and wanted to come clean. Mehr than I can say for you. How long have Du been screwing her?”
Nate put a cocky grin on his face.
“It’s been going on for awhile, Blair. About a year, on and off. I’m not going to stop either, now that Du know.”
It was Blair’s turn to smirk now.
“She’s engaged, asshole. You’re such a pig, I can’t believe I ever loved you.” Blair took a breath, before continuing, “You’re one deceitful bastard, and I hate you.”

Nate grinned, “Your words don’t hurt me, Blair. I am sorry about Serena though, but there will be others to fuck. The wedding is still on, right?”
“Yeah, unfortunately it is. Everybody already knows about our wedding, so I’ll go through with it. But when we’re behind closed doors, I want nothing to do with you.” She snapped.
“That’s fine with me, Blair. I really don’t want anything to do with Du either.”
Nate then left, and Blair was all alone. Like always.
When she arrived Home later that day, Dorota informed her that she had another visitor. She sighed, she had enough confrontations for one day. She went into her bedroom, and there was Chuck, sitting on her bed.
Blair slumped down Weiter to him.
“Blair, are Du okay?” Chuck asked softly.
She rubbed her head, which was aching.
“Not really, I just had a huge fight with Nate. I admitted, that I knew about his affair with Serena. He didn’t even care, he just sagte that he was going to keep fucking whomever he pleased.”
Chuck kissed her on the shoulder, and Blair felt the heat from his KISS all over her entire body.
“It’s his lose, Blair. He doesn’t deserve, and he never will.”
Blair leaned into his chest, and Chuck tenderly ran his fingers through her hair.
She regained her senses, a few Minuten later and asked, “What are Du doing here, Chuck?”
He grinned, “I came here to cheer Du up.”
Blair sighed into his chest, “I don’t think Du can, and as I already told Du before, I don’t want anything to do with you. Do I need to tell Du again?”
Chuck’s ego took a hit at her words, but he quickly perked himself back up.
“Blair, I just want to be here for you. Like I haven’t been for the past three years, let me make it up to you. I want to take your mind off everything, plus I’ve got a surprise for you.”
Blair cheered up instantly, hearing that he had a surprise for her. “What surprise?”
Chuck smiled at her, “You know that movie theater downtown?”
She nodded.
“Well their playing old Filme tonight, and guess what I got us two tickets for. Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
He had remembered that it was her Favorit movie, and that touched Blair.
She smiled weakly at Chuck, “That’s a great surprise, Du know how much I Liebe that movie. I’d be happy to go with you, Chuck.”
Then she did something, neither of them expected. Blair kissed him on the mouth.
He immediately responded, and wrapped his arms around her. Blair instantly regretted what she had done, and tore her mouth away from Chuck’s.
“I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s gotten into me. I’m not thinking clearly, Chuck. I’ll meet Du later for the movie, okay?” She said, very embarrassed.
He knew he would have to wait for later, before he put his moves on her.
“Sure, I’ll see Du later.”
When he left, Blair sighed with relief. She had come too close to giving in to Chuck. Again. When he was around her, she couldn’t think straight. His scent intoxicated her, until she had no brain power left. It had to stop, she would be his friend and nothing more. After all they used to be friends, before all the sex got in the way.
A few hours later, they were at the movie theater, sitting Weiter to each other. Blair was enthralled in the movie. There was nothing like Audrey Hepburn, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
She was slowly forgetting her problems, and Blair let the tension ebb from her body. Chuck felt her relax Weiter to him, and he was pleased that the plan seemed to be working.
Blair leaned over to him, and whispered in his ear, “Thanks, Bass. I really needed this.”
Feeling her breath in his ear, made Chuck feel hot all over. After all this time, he still wanted her, Mehr than anything.
“No problem, Waldorf.” Chuck sagte as he grabbed her hand and didn’t let go.
Blair looked at their clasped hands, but didn’t Bewegen hers away from his. IT felt natural, so they held hands for the rest of the movie.
Chuck remembered once telling Blair, that he didn’t want to go to the Filme oder hold hands with her. Well he had just killed both birds with one stone. He must have been crazy not to have wanted to do this, it felt so right.
After the movie was over, they went out for a late dinner. While they were at dinner, it was just like old times. They talked, laughed, plotted, and bitched about other people. In a word, it was perfect.
“So how is everything going with your father and bass Industries?” She asked.
Chuck smirked. “Well my father still doesn’t trust me, but I feel like I’m making some ground with him. I’ve been making some big accounts for bass Industries, so I think he’s pleased.”
Blair nodded, “I remember once telling your father, that whatever Du would do with your life, you’d make a success out of it. It looks like Du have.”
Chuck looked at her with the softest expression, she had ever seen on his face. “I remember Du saying that to Bart.” He reached over to stroke her face, but then the waiter interrupted them with the check.
He sighed, the mood have been broken. “Are Du ready to go, Blair?”
She nodded her consent, and they left the restaurant. As they were walking through town, Chuck suddenly turned to her.
“Do Du want to come up to my room for a drink?”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Chuck.”
“Why not, Blair?”
“You know, why.”
“Are Du afraid, Blair?” He asked seductively.
He moved closer to her, but she put a hand up to stall him.
“Fine, Bass. One drink, that’s it.”
10 Minuten later, they were standing outside of Chuck’s suite. As soon as he had opened the door, he pushed Blair against the wall.
“I can’t wait any longer.” Chuck said, as his mouth descended onto hers.
He slipped his tongue into Blair’s mouth, and thoroughly pleasured her mouth. Eating away at her resistance.
Blair reasoned, that she would only allow the KISS to go on for another minute, before she put a stop to it. It was now five Minuten later, and they were still kissing. Along the way, she had Lost her shirt, and so had Chuck.
Blair had to stop before she Lost her herz again. “Stop, Chuck! I told you, I don’t want this anymore.”
Chuck raised his head, and looked at her with lust filled eyes. “Is that so?”
He then ran his hand under her skirt, and found her panties damp with wetness.
He placed his mouth against her neck. “You’re a liar, Blair. Du want it as much as I still do.”
Blair agreed, “Okay, I lied. I still want you.”
Chuck growled deep in his throat, and he threw her on the bed.
Soon he had his head buried in between her legs, giving her pleasure like she had never felt before. It didn’t feel right to her.
She tugged at Chuck’s head, until he came up for air.
“What?” He questioned, in a daze.
“Stop, I can’t do this! Just let me leave, I need to leave.” Blair cried.
“What the fuck? What’s changed in the last few minutes?” He asked in a rage.
Blair knew what had changed. Her herz was involved yet again, and Chuck was only after sex.
“I just can’t do this, Chuck.”
“Why?” He pressured her.
“Don’t ask me, Chuck.”
Why?” Chuck growled again.
Blair snapped, gave in and told him the truth.
“It’s just sex for you, but it’s not for me. It’s much Mehr to me, it actually means something to me.”
She noticed Chuck gazing intently at her.
She completely Lost it then, and cried, “I still fucking Liebe you! There I sagte it. Are Du satisfied now?”
Chuck kissed his way up her body, until he reached her ear.
“It’s never just been sex between us, Blair. It’s always been much Mehr than that, Du know it and so do I.”
He looked her directly in the eyes before saying, “I’m fucking glad Du still Liebe me. Because I Liebe Du so much, I feel like it’s consuming me.”
Blair looked at him in shock. “Are Du serious? You’re in Liebe with me?”
He kissed her on the lips, before he continued, “ Yes, I Liebe you. I’ve never stopped, even after all these years.”
She gazed at him angrily. “Then why did Du break up with me?”
Chuck sighed, the time had come. It was time to tell her the truth.
“Because of Nate.” He sagte honestly.
“Nate? What does he have to do with any of this?” Blair queried, obviously confused.
He sighed again, “He’s known about us for years. Nathaniel found out somehow, and he confronted me, and told me to break up with you. That’s the reason I broke up with you, not because I didn’t Liebe you.
Chuck took a deep breath before telling her, “He’s been blackmailing me, Blair.”

To Be Continued…

A/N: Okay, so Blair finally knows what Nate did to Chuck. I hope I did it justice. In the Weiter chapter, Du will get to see Blair’s reaction. If Du like it, keep reviewing. Please!
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Penn Dayton Badgley (born November 1, 1986) is an American actor best known for his role as Dan Humphrey on the CW Fernsehen series Gossip Girl.

Badgley was born in Baltimore, Maryland and teilt, split his childhood years between Richmond, Virginia and Seattle, Washington. In Seattle, he attended Charles Wright Academy (in Tacoma, WA), and was involved with the Seattle Children's Theatre. He soon began doing voice-overs for a children's radio stations.

At age 11, Badgley relocated with his mother to Hollywood and began pursuing an Schauspielen career. According to Badgley's former homeschool classmate Blake...
continue reading...
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 Nan Zhang
Nan Zhang
Du know, that Asian-looking girl who sometimes hangs out with Blair... but is she really Asian?
Well, her name is 'Kati' and it might sound a bit Japanese, but actually it's a Hungarian name.(Hungary is a small Eastern European country)
Her surname is 'Farkas'(source: imdb), which is also a Hungarian word. It means 'wolf'.
So the Frage is: why does an Asian actress (Nan Zhang) play a Hungarian character? Probably the creators thought 'Kati' must be a Japanese name LoL
But I'm really glad that I've found something Hungarian on Gossip Girl cause I'm from Hungary, too...:)
---I had to share this... LoL---
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