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Fresh from her humiliating stint as a TV actress, Rachel decides to "Let it Go," Singen the hit track from the movie "Frozen."
let it go
lea michele
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{These are the lyrics to Santana's song from the Season 2 episode, "Original Song". She sung it to Sam and I personally think that she should have finished because it is freaking funny!!!!}

Guppy Face, Trouty Mouth
Is that how people's lips look where youcome from in the South ?
Grouper Mouth, Froggy Lips
I Liebe suckin' on those salamander lips
Wanna put a fisch hook in those lips so kirsche red

If Du tried hard enough Du could suck a baby's head

{Its so short but God, I wish she got to finish that :D)
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 Ivelina is our Glee FOTM for August!
Ivelina is our Glee FOTM for August!
So our Fan of the Monat for August goes to the lovely Ivelina, who I think really deserves the title! And I'm so happy to be interviewing her!

1. First off, Iveline, congrats on winning the Glee FOTM for August! :) How did Du feel when Du won?
Honestly, I was shocked ! I feel like a freshman here :D because I’ve been on the Glee spot for 5 months [yes, I count them :D ] so, I was really nervous because of the voting and I decided not to open the pick till it’s over. And I woke up this morning, loaded Fanpop while still feeling sleepy :D and saw the Congrats from Rachel :D, still can’t...
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Q: “If the Glee cast were to ever go on an international tour, which country would Du most like to visit? :D”
– Ayesha

A: How could I only pick one? England, France, and Black Forest Germany. I’d also like to go skifahren on the Matterhorn in Switzerland and eat my weight in pasta, nudeln in Italy. Knowing me I’d probably sneak over to Austria and find the Sound of Musik filming locations.

Q: “Do Du think it will feel different when Du go back to filming? Will Du be Mehr nervous filming now that Glee has been so wildly successful? Is there Mehr pressure?”
– Rose

A: Yikes,...
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Glee takes it way back as they perform the 1980s staple, "Broken Wings" Von Mr. Mister
season 6
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