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posted by BlondeGirl93
I don't know about Du guys but this past week the Michael story line was awsome.
Except they are pusjing Michael alittle bit to be Schauspielen like Jason did when Jason was shot and when he was younger...
After leaving Carly's house Michael meets with Kristina and they narrowly escape a car-accident. Then after hell rises at Sonny's house Micahel makes a shocking desision that will change every-thing. What is it?
Will Michael finally agree to go to Carlys Home where he truly belongs? oder could he spill that Claudia had something to do with his shooting? I hope to god that he does he should tell on Claudia. and Sonny should get rid of her like right now.

Stay tuned Weiter week for Mehr story lines
posted by mighty-ducks101
Du may have herd oder saw the story line general hospital now they have a new series nightshift which now is going to be it's third season. Any way Du may have herd now Robin is letting Patrick be in the baby's life Sonny and Kate are getting married Carly may be pregnat Jax was caught and had a fake Foto with Kate as Du may also know Michale is in a hospital because he was shot in the head. Get ready for Mehr General Hospital.
1. Is Carly pregnat
2. Will Sonny and Kate's marriage work
3. Will Carly be pregnat
4. Will Mike ever get out of the coma
5. what else can Du think of