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posted by Mighty-Ducks
This takes place at night time in the city of Port Charles. So here are some Fragen i want to ask Du about General Hospital...

1. When did General Hospital premier?
2. How long has it been on?
3. How many actors have been on General Hospital?
4. Do Du like the show?


Genral Hospital is the best soap opera around. that and one life to live. General hospital premiered in?...

it's been on for?... years and i Liebe it. i will never ever out grow my Liebe for general hospital and all Du Fans i hope Du don't either because this Zeigen rocks on!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by testcamp
As Du may know General Hospital has a new series General Hospital Nightshift. Everyone thought it conected to General Hospital it does in a way but not really. It's casting the Sekunde season. But let me tell Du a bit about the first season. General Hospital Nightshift kicked of in June oder July of 07. There were new nurses. Regina Thompson,Leyla Mir,and Jolene Crowell. Then all of a sudden deaths started to occur but there were alot of leads. Too many leads. Then the thirteenth episode came. The season finalli of the first season. A game of gun men came to the hospital and began shooting. Having Robin fall to Patrick's arms. And Jolene being shot and killed reveling she was the killer. Now on General Hospital her younger sister Nadine is on. She earned everyones trust after she showed it. So far Nadine is clean and cut. Robin and Patrick are expecting a baby. [now this is the original serious]. Stay tuned for the Sekunde season of General Hospital Nightshift this summer. Can't wait.
added by testcamp