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These are the following episodes with Gajeel Redfox x Levy McGarden "moments".

Episode 41-Home

Episode 97-Best Partner

Episode 100-Mest

Episode 101-The Black Wizard

Episode 102-Iron Soul

Episode 120-Daybreak at Tenrou Island

Episode 122-Let's Mitmachen Hands

Episode 123- X791 Fairy Tail

Episode 125-Magic Dance Ball

Episode 129-Raging Showdown! Natsu vs. Laxus

Episode 133-Traveling Companions

Episode 135-Trail of the Myth

Episode 137-That Which Exceeds Calculations

Episode 138-The Whereabouts of the Crusade

Episode 139-The Moment That's Activated

Episode140-Reborn Oracion Seis Appears!
posted by imasimpforgale
this is the so amazing I can breathe every time I look at the pictures I have schmetterling in my stomach in thank Du for making this account Du are the reason I got on this app took mean while to get in but it was the best :) thanks I have to keep Schreiben because they hung says (please write a longer Artikel oder consider posting to the forum. 233 - 0) um btw I like the ones when they Küssen it's cute I Liebe it your Polly not Lesen this my hands hurt how much Mehr do I need to write OMG I have to write 487 - 0 anyways thank Du btw how do I get Gold I'm pretty sure Du been on here longer then me in I don't know much about the app
posted by carlygrl15
Here is a Liste of how I know/think Gajeel likes Levi.

1) He saved her from Laxus when he attacked her.
2) He "volunteered" to be her partner in the S-Class games.
3) He helped her up a cliff during the S-Class games.
4) He saved her from the goons from Grimoire Heart.
5) He was with her when they were found after 7 years in Tenroujima Island.
6) He told her that he won't dance with her when Lucy was teaching Natsu how to dance, but while Jet and Droy were arguing about who was going to dance with Levi, Gajeel said, "I guess I have no other choice but to dance with you."
7) While everyone was getting...
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