Frostclan Clan Meeting

Mousefang posted on Jun 01, 2010 at 09:28PM
let all cats old enough to catch prey for there clan join beneath the Moon tree for a clan meeting!
Today we now have seven cats to become apprentices, Swiftpaw your mentor is Ravenclaw
Sunpaw your mentor is Raverheart
Rainpaw your mentor is Jayscar
Sorrelpaw your mentor Brownpelt
Leafpaw your mentor is Swivlewind
Cloudpaw your mentor is Frostpelt
Dustpaw your mentor is fallenfeather
Also Cinderpelt has decided to take Cinderpaw as her apprentice

Frostclan 8 Antworten

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr cherrypaw said…
add meee im desperate i am a tortiseshell kit named leafkit (she cat)and i dont know who my mother is
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Mousefang said…
sure but because we are short on warriors I will mentor you yourself. *touched noses*
Vor mehr als einem Jahr orkneymatrix said…
Hi guys coming hunting Leafpaw?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Mousefang said…
Swivlewind can u lead a hunting patrol? take Frostpelt, Cloudpaw, and Leafpaw[cherrypaw]
Vor mehr als einem Jahr orkneymatrix said…
There's two Leafpaws?????
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Mousefang said…
yea Leafpaw[chaerrypaw] is tortishell,and white and the other Leafpaw is nobody but is tortiseshell grey and white
Vor mehr als einem Jahr orkneymatrix said…
y cant cherrypaw b the leafpaw that already exists?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Mousefang said…
idk but Leafpaw is Cinderpelt's little sister and Leafpaw[cherrypaw] is a rouge apprentice